Saturday, May 14, 2022

For a socialist world


Join the only battle

Where no man can fail,

For whoso Fadeth and dieth,

Yet his deeds shall still prevail

William Morris

To this inspiring task, we summon all who are oppressed by capitalism. Only world socialism can give us peace and plenty. Look how the capitalist world always totters on the brink of destruction. Working people continue to suffer yet  mankind produces more with less labour. Capitalism has left the workers in hunger and want and sickness and despair. The capitalist parties and governments are as rotten and bankrupt as the system they uphold. They can maintain themselves and that. system today only by piling additional burdens upon the people. For the future they offer only war, continued insecurity and increasing reaction.

The single most decisive event in the social and political history of mankind will be the coming socialist revolution. This revolution will end this terrible period of the death agony of capitalism with its social decay, hunger, wars, and bestial bigotry, and open the socialist era of abundance, peace, and harmony – of truly human civilisation on a global scale.

The myriad evils of capitalism will disappear only with the destruction of capitalism and the building of socialism. The Socialist Party dedicates itself to urge the workers of the world forward to socialism. The struggle for socialism will be an arduous one, for the capitalists will not  relinquish their power and privileges to the people and only by wresting the state power from the capitalists can we begin the task of building a new social system. What will the people of the future think of a society where the workers lived in constant fear.

Socialism will do away with the anarchy of capitalism. Democratically-elected councils of workers and citizens in every industry and district will manage the factories and public services. The vast technological and natural resources of society will help us avoid the bitter years of construction. Freed from the fetters of production for profit, the technologically-equipped factories will pour out their products without interruption: the productive forces will leap forward to provide almost undreamed-of plenty. No longer will the food be ploughed under or dumped to keep up prices.

You can count on a shorter workday, and there will still be an abundance. Enlightened citizens of a free and prosperous socialist world will not be narrow-minded, ignorant, and selfish isolationists, but will regard themselves as citizens of the world, concerned with all the affairs of the world and all its peoples, and will seek fraternal association with them on the basis of equality. Workers will decide, freely and voluntarily the world outlook which the vision of socialism.

Capitalism offers no future to the people but more recessions, wars, violence and a final plunge into barbarism. All this is part and parcel of the development of capitalism—the system which puts profits above all other considerations. The capitalist system has long outlived its usefulness. To avoid such a fate, the workers of the world must go into politics on their own account, independent of all capitalist politics. A socialist economy eliminating capitalist wars, profits and waste, will be so productive as to ensure a rich living for all who are willing and able to work and provide security and ample means for the aged and infirm, to help the hungry people of the world to improve their standard of life. The economy of the entire world will be united and planned on a socialist basis. This will bring universal peace and undreamed abundance for all people everywhere. The real upward march of humanity will begin.

We, the Socialist Party, refuse to join the reformists in leading the workers into the camp of capitalism. Now is the time for the working class must overthrow capitalism. The only road is the socialist path.  All will be free and equal. The state itself will wither away. The government of men will be replaced by the administration of things. The goal we strive for is worthy of anything we do for it.

The working class can open up the way to this new world. They are the majority. They have the power. All that is necessary is for the working class to understand it—and to use it. We firmly believe they will do so. We firmly believe the working people will help save the world.

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