Sunday, May 15, 2022

Who are our enemies? Who are our friends?

 Some fellow workers may have heard about the Socialist Party for the first time only recently, we are not a new party. Our programme is based on the principles worked out by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels over a century ago. Their teachings constitute a guide that can end the workers of their misery, and despair and eliminate the bloodshed of capitalism into a better world of socialism. We are their heirs. Our aims are far more radical than simple reforms and trade unionism. World society can no longer advance under the capitalist system. National boundaries are like a strait-jacket on industry. Environmental destruction is a most ominous warning that humanity itself faces extinction if the chaos and anarchy of capitalism continue. The only hope is to end capitalism and build a socialist society. With socialism, the rule of a privileged minority is ended forever. The national resources, transportation system, mines, mills and factories pass into the hands of the people. The Socialist Party is dedicated to the great goal of guiding working people out of the blind alley of capitalism and into the planned society of socialism. The road to socialism is the road to peace and plenty. 

The Socialist Party believes in the international solidarity of the working class. The interests of the workers extend across all frontiers. Every person who is against another war, who is against capitalist exploitation and capitalist oppression should join the Socialist Party. Here he or she will find enthusiastic, militant, and whole-heartedly devoted to the great historic task of freeing humanity from the chains of capitalism. The combined political power of these workers far exceeds the simple sum of their individual strengths taken one by one. This power gives new strength, courage and freedom of mind to the sincere worker who joins the Socialist Party – a life of the greatest satisfaction, the only life that is really worthwhile, a life dedicated to the struggle against capitalism and for the world of socialism. The class struggle and class warfare continue under all circumstances in capitalist society.

We have witnessed the complete bankruptcy of capitalism as a social system. Why has the bankrupt system of capitalism survived? Why has the scourge of hunger and poverty inflicted mankind? Why have the devastations of one  war has been followed by another and another. There is only one answer to these questions, and it has been given by history: Bankrupt capitalism has survived beyond its time, and inflicted untold evil on the world, primarily because of the betrayal of the principles of socialism by those who pretended to speak in its name. Pseudo-socialists, intervened to play their tragic role of deception, sabotage and betrayal. They continued to preach socialism in words, but in practice they placed themselves at the service of the capitalist class. We of the Socialist  Party have nothing to do with these brands of so-called “socialism” or “communism.” We are orthodox, Marxists because we know that Marxism is the only revolutionary socialism of the working class, and that is the only genuine socialism. History has demonstrated the spuriousness of every other brand. Marxism is a theory of social evolution which affirms that capitalism is obsolete and bankrupt and that it must be, and inevitably will be, replaced by a higher form of social organisation which Marx and Engels called socialism.  

The socialist society will eliminate the exploitation of labour by removing the capitalist ownership of all the means of production, distribution and communication. The working class owns none of these, and therefore workers must sell their labour power to the capitalist for wages in order to live. The worker creates a product of value, part of which is returned to him as a wage, and the rest of which is taken from him by the capitalists as profit. Thus is created the basic antagonistic contradiction between worker and capitalist, since the interest of one is, and has to be, directly opposed to the interest of the other. This most fundamental of contradictions will not end until capitalism with its private ownership and/or control of the means of production is itself ended and replaced with socialism.

Marxism teaches that socialism will not fall from the skies. Neither will it be gained by any appeals to the goodwill and compassion of the capitalist exploiters, as the Utopians, who preceded Marx, used to think, and as some people still seem to think. Socialism can be realised only as of the outcome of the class struggle of the workers. Many people become frightened by the immensity of the tasks, or crushed by adversity to the point of losing their moral and intellectual backbones, and losing sight of the main line of social evolution. This ‘lost generation’ has forgotten, if they ever learned, the supreme lesson of both world history. This is that the forces making for the advancement of mankind have overcome the most formidable obstacles and won out in the end. The idea, that people capitalism is the happy final chapter of human history, is but a repetition of the prejudice prevalent in both feudal and slave societies. Without a scientific long view of history, it is impossible for peoples at a given stage of culture to relate their past with their future; thus they accept their presence as given and unchanging.

To the establishment of socialism we pledge all our efforts.

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