Friday, October 21, 2022

Understanding Party Politics

 One of the strengths of the Socialist Party is our commitment to democratic practices. Whatever weaknesses or mistaken views it holds, they cannot be imposed upon others. 

When one thinks of a political party, one automatically thinks of its leader. The Electoral Commission mandates that he or she be named. The Socialist Party selects its ‘leader’ by lottery.

 It is assumed that a political party’s MPs can vote as their conscience dictates. Instead, the Socialist Party has a rule: “Candidates elected to a Political office shall be pledged to act on the instructions of their Branches locally, and by the Executive Committee nationally.”

The Socialist Party is a genuinely leader-free political party, whose executive committee is solely for administrative duties and cannot determine policy, with its minutes available on the internet as proof of our commitment to openness. All conference decisions have to be ratified by a referendum of the whole membership.

The Socialist Party will not take people to where they neither know where they are going nor wish to go.

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