Monday, October 10, 2022

World Socialism - Global Solidarity

 Europe stands on the verge of the abyss. The danger of war is growing from day to day. Feverish armament preparations are in progress everywhere. All human activity is overshadowed by the menace of war. It is obvious that the state of tension and all-round mobilisation now prevailing throughout Europe cannot be maintained indefinitely. But it can be ended only in two ways: By sliding into the catastrophe of war or the emancipation of the working people. The Socialist Party has all along pointed out the impossibility of the capitalist powers attempting to solve and patch up their differences through conferences and negotiations. The problem of war remains as ever the problem irrespective of sham conferences. Its solution lies in the destruction of this system of exploitation and war. A  study of the nature and causes of modern war is sufficient to prove that war is an essential part of capitalism. The inner conflicts of capitalism lead and must lead to war.

For the Socialist Party, there are no foreigners. We want all men and women wherever their place of birth, whatever ethnicity they may be derived from, whatever language they speak, to consider themselves as brothers and sisters and to come together freely and cooperate together for the well-being of all. The Socialist Party seeks the harmonisation of all interests in a vast unity of humankind and it favours the free development of all individuals and all groups. This is still an aspiration in today's harsh reality; given that we are still divided into oppressed and oppressors, and some live exploiting the work of others.  Workers carry the weight of all society’s burdens and are reduced to the most squalid misery.

 We are, whatever our nationality or colour for the oppressed against the oppressors, for the slaves against their masters. If one wants to speak of foreigners, then it is not the one who was born beyond some border and speaks a different language, or has a different coloured skin — the foreigner is the exploiter and anyone who, in whatever country, subjugates another.

 Socialists can feel solidarity with both the worker in a distant country and the one who works alongside us, we can hate foreign governments as much as our own national government.

We are against the capitalist class, we stand against the State — and we urge fellow workers to do the same — both in peace and in war. We want to overturn the current social system and we are not content with simple improvements or palliative.

War and violence do not produce civilisation, but barbarism, slavery, hatred, and misery: it oppresses the loser, and corrupts the winner.


Anonymous said...

Capitalist wars are against the humanity

Anonymous said...

Spgb is a real socialist party