Sunday, November 10, 2019

Capitalism - Good for Some. Bad - for Many Others.

Stats-Canada informs us that September's unemployment rate was the lowest in nearly 40 years at 5.5 per cent. The analysts had predicted that the economy would gain 10,000 jobs, instead it gained 54,000. Most of these were full time jobs and wages increased Stats said, but didn't release any further figures. Sounds great doesn't it ?, but- but- but- there's just one thing: we live under capitalism. 

UNIFOR, which is Canada's largest private sector union, ran the following ad in the Toronto Star: ''Doug Ford's conservatives plan to cut more than $1billion from our children's education. He intends to increase class sizes by nearly 30%, leaving struggling students further behind. As a direct result of Ford's cuts, the province will lose as many as 10,000 teaching positions. He halted construction on three college campuses, eliminating 8,000 spaces for new students. He cut $670 million from the Ontario Student Assistance Program, disproportionately impacting students from low income families. 

Doug Ford says he's for the people, but he's certainly not for our children and grandchildren.'' 

So even if life under capitalism doesn’t sound too bad for some you can always count on it that it’s bad for others.

Canadian comrade.

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