Sunday, November 10, 2019

Opting for Socialism

The cause of our misery and poverty is the ownership of the means and instruments of wealth production by the capitalist class. The remedy, therefore, is to dispossess that class of its ownership. It maintains its ownership by virtue of its political control. Its economic domination would cease the moment that the working class captured the political machinery. 

Curiously enough, the working class never seem to discover that it is they who gratuitously give the capitalist class the power to enslave and keep them in bondage every time they go to the ballot-box! It is obvious, then, that the method of recapturing political control is going back to the ballot-box and voting for socialism. While the workers accept the poisonous nonsense that “employers should have a fair profit,” while they swallow the lies and humbug of the labour leaders that the interests of the master class are the interests of the “community,” or ”society,” they will be easily led to vote their masters into possession of the power to rule society. When the working class realises that the way to emancipation lies through organisation for control of the political power. Not until that is assured can the workers own the means of life and operate them for their own benefit. When that lesson is learnt the day of socialism will be dawning.

Capitalism exists today simply and solely because you and your fellow members of the working class, who produce its wealth and endure its miseries, permit it to exist. It is parliament that makes the law and it is the law that says it is legal for capitalists to own Nature’s resources and the tools and instruments of production which the working class have produced. The law further enshrines the right of the owners of wealth production to use their property in their own interests— to produce wealth for sale and profit and not for the satisfaction of human needs.

When there is no profit in employing workers, in building homes, in clothing or feeding the needy the law does not require the owners of society’s means of production to provide these things nor does the law ensure capitalism when its profit needs create the conditions for crime, bad social relationships, violence and war.

In fact the law is made to suit the needs of capitalism and is relevant to the needs of the working class only insofar as such needs are compatible with the requirements of capitalism to disguise its function, keep down social discontent and prevent open rebellion. 
It is for the purpose of getting into parliament and tinkering with laws and their social and economic by-products that you are now been showered with speeches, promises and leaflets by the various candidates and parties. You are being asked to give your assent and consent to the continuation of the very system that denies you even the hope of a full and happy life!

What, then, should you do with your vote in the present election since all the candidates and parties, irrespective of their political labels and speeches support the continuation of capitalism?

Well, let us first tell you about the alternative to capitalism, Socialism, and then see if we can resolve the problem of what you should do with your vote.

As we have shown, it is parliament which makes the law and it is the laws made by parliament that make possible the usurpation of the means of production by the capitalist class and the consequent enslavement of the working class. Obviously, therefore, it follows that if we are to change things the working class must organise for the purpose of electing its own representatives to parliament and making the means of production the property of society to be used solely for the satisfaction of human needs. Socialism is a feasible proposition NOW! 

Its introduction is delayed not by the capitalist class but by you, the working class: it is your political naivety  that prevails against it; your reluctance to look beyond the narrow limits of capitalism that keeps that system in operation. It is your vote that gives it legitimacy and  legality.

When there is no Socialist Party candidate standing and if you accept its case for socialism you will realise that in giving it to any candidate or party in this election you are pledging your support for capitalism; but you can register your disapproval of capitalism by going to the polls and writing across your ballot paper the word World Socialism”.

But whether you make such a gesture of protest or even simply refrain from voting, what is really important is that you join with us and ensure that next time there will be an effective socialist opposition sufficiently strong locally to challenge the parties of capitalism at the polling stations.

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