Saturday, November 09, 2019

Capitalism's Insane Logic.

One thing about capitalism is it is sooo logical. An exert from an article about Africa, in the September issue of the Socialist Standard, the journal of our companion party in U.K., shows you what I mean:
 "Africa is host to 60 per cent of the world’s uncultivated arable land, yet currently spends tens of billions of dollars per year on importing food. This figure is projected to shoot up to US$110 billion by 2025. Africa is importing what it could be producing. African countries export raw goods outside the continent to be processed into consumer products imported back into Africa for purchase. In essence, Africa is exporting jobs outside the continent and contributing to Africa's poverty.'' 

A few years back an SPC'er reported that in the apple growing area of Ontario, the stores were selling apples imported from New Zealand. So much for capitalism's insane logic.

Canadian Comrades.

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