Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Work for Socialism!

The primary purpose for the Socialist Party engaging in elections is to get our socialist message out there for people to hear and see. The Socialist Party  is a political party of men and women organised together for the purpose of getting control of political power in order to introduce socialism. 

For sure, at this moment in time we do not expect to have our candidates take their seats in Parliament and begin the task of dispossessing the capitalist class and establishing socialism. We try to present our case to our fellow-workers and do not waste our time and space campaigning on issues such as humanising wage-slavery. 

We explain the REAL causes of their poverty, their squalor and the misery they have to endure. We explain why they must continue to live for the best part of their lives toiling in jobs that they hate but must perform day in and day out, to pay the rent or mortgage, to put food on the table and to raise their families. We always tell them that the remedy for this suffering lies entirely in their own hands, that they must do some hard thinking, that they have to acquire that revolutionary knowledge and understanding to organise politically and consciously to obtain control and power over the State machine.

 No leaders can do it for them. No other political party can tell that. Indeed they dare not tell them that. When the working class arrives at that stage of revolutionary knowledge and understanding  amazing things will happen. They will take possession of the whole Earth and the wealth and resources it holds. A new social system will be born, and it will operate throughout the whole world. True to our international socialist principles we will seek contact with workers in other countries who take their stand on the same principles, with a view to setting on foot at last a genuine World Socialist Movement free from the national prejudices the progress of the workers’ movement. 

If we have a message for our fellow-workers, it is that the progress of humanity does not require the loss of millions of lives to hunger, disease and war.

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