Monday, November 11, 2019

The Fantasy. "Equality Within Capitalism".

American news programs have featured women being ecstatic because they can now participate in combat in the army. Well now isn't that a wonderful step forward in the fight for equality; women can now prove they can kill as well as any man - like BFD man.

 It is a terrible, sad, and sick reflection of capitalism that when one studies the history of feminist movements all over the world -- and women achieving whatever little rights they have – they are now proving their worth to the swindling class of their usefulness in capitalist wars. The sad and pathetic truth is women want equality with men within capitalism, which is a fantasy, because men don't have equality with each other. 

Capitalism is a divisive system which turns people against each other: it’s a case of hate this or that person because he/she is black, white, Catholic, Jew, or yes, male or female. 

There is only one kind of equality worth fighting for - one where all will stand equal in social relation to the means of life.

Canadian comrade.

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