Sunday, September 18, 2022

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non sibi sed omnibus (not for one but for all).

Few can deny that the world today is in an unstable condition of chaos. That is reflected in the widespread turmoil and conflict throughout the world. That the common cause of all the social problems, the Socialist Party has repeatedly asserted, is the capitalist system that does not and cannot work in the interests of the majority. It is a social system in which society is divided into two classes—a capitalist class and a working class. The capitalist class consists of a tiny minority—the wealthy few who own and control the instruments of production and distribution. The working class consists of the vast majority who own no productive property and must, therefore, seek to work for the class that owns and controls the means of life in order to survive. Under economic tyranny, the workers as a class are robbed of the social wealth that they produce.

Capitalists never weary of declaring this economic dictatorship the "best of all possible systems." Yet, today, after decades of wars on poverty, civil rights campaigns, government legislation and regulation, and a host of other reform efforts, capitalism still presents an obscene social picture.

Millions who need and want jobs are still unemployed despite the claims that unemployment is at historically "low" rates.

 Millions more are underemployed, working only part-time or in temporary jobs though they need and want full-time work.

Millions work without conditions of contract and deemed to be self-employed.

Millions aren't earning enough to maintain a decent standard of living for themselves and their families despite the fact that they are working.  Real wages, fall,  and relative poverty rises

The malignant evils of nationalism, racism and bigotry are on the upsurge. The educational system is a mess and getting worse. The health care system still fails to meet the needs of the people. The infrastructure continues to crumble. Widespread pollution of our environment continues. Crime and corruption are pervasive at every level. Slums abound and homeless men, women and children roam the streets.

All of those problems persist to plague working people.

Unending reforms to solve or even alleviate these social ills have brought instead misery and suffering to millions of workers and their families. The capitalists express callous disregard and indifference towards the pain of the working-class victims. New inventions and technological innovation instead of bringing freedom from toil produce only insecurity.  

Our planet and its people are on the edge of obliteration through pollution, global warming, nuclear war, not to mention international and civil wars, a global food and energy crisis and ongoing poverty, whilst the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, yet too many believe that it’s worthwhile to come up with a put forward but futile adjustments to the condition of things.

Socialism is based on an underpinning knowledge of the nature of capitalistic society, a practical analysis of the reasons why we are on the edge of obliteration and reasonable and well-argued solutions to crises we face. If you don’t want to face up to the hard miles that are needed to help the working class break free from their ideological blinkers, that’s one’s choice. But to impugn those of us who are working hard to take on that difficult task makes our critics complicit in the crisis that we face.

If we don’t (you included) start acting to change the economic system that has produced the crisis, then we may as well bid goodbye to our futures and our children and our children’s children’s lives.

The fact that you have visited this blog indicates that you have an interest in being part of the solution. We need active people like you to join us in the struggle, why not be part of that work, rather than criticise us?

The Socialist Party  emphatic condemns the insanity of the capitalist system. It is now time for our society to be rid of the host of preventable and solvable economic, political and social ills. The capitalist system of private ownership of production for the profit of a few is now redundant and outmoded and must be replaced by a new social order. It must be one in which production is carried on to satisfy human needs and wants. In short, it must be genuine socialism.


Accordingly, the Socialist Party calls upon the workers to rally under its banner for the purpose of advocating revolutionary change and building class consciousness among fellow workers.

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