Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Capitalism has to go!

Capitalism—by its very structure—is designed to protect the privileges of the wealthy by any means necessary. That is the purpose of the courts, the police and the military. The capitalists tell us hen it comes to economic inequality it’s human naturethere has always been a wealthy minority in power over the majority—the wealthy are on top because they are smarter, better, stronger. The poor are poor because they are inferior.” It is beat into our heads from the time we are born. We are taught to believe that this is the way it is, has always been, and will always be. 

The economic structure of capitalism and the laws created and enforced by capitalists are all designed to allow the wealthy to accumulate the profits that working people produce. In contrast to the socialist principle “from each according ability, to each according to need.” the ruling class have substituted “From each whatever you can grab —to each whatever you can get.” 

Capitalism is democracy for the wealthy and dictatorship over the working class. Capitalism has outlived its usefulness. It destroys the world in order to produce private profits for the wealthy. The gap between the rich and the poor has grown astronomically in the last few decades all over the world. Natural resources are taken by force of violence for the benefit of the corporations. Enriching the wealth of the capitalist class at the price of human life and at the expense of the health of the planet is the very purpose of the capitalism and its wars.

Socialism turns capitalism—the private ownership of the means of production—upside-down. Socialism is an economic system that democratises production in order to fulfil the needs and wants of all, on an equal basis, instead of on the accumulation of private profits for the few. Production for need and use instead of private profit will free up resources to ensure safety and efficiency on the job—both for the benefit of people and the preservation of our environment.  It will eliminate the waste of producing inferior products designed to break down so that they have to constantly be replaced. Instead, we can concentrate on the production of durable products that can be upgraded as technology evolves. Capitalist production pollutes and degrades the environment because taking the proper precautions to preserve the health of both people and the planet cuts into their profits. That’s why factories spew their filth in the air, land and sea with abandon and without guilt. Socialism will end all that.

Without the profit-driven capitalist motive of production, we will be free to revolutionise production methods without sacrificing the well-being of people or the planet. The goal will be to sustainably manufacture what people want and need more efficiently by maximising automation, shortening the work-week and bettering living standards for all—so that everyone can have, not only all the necessities of life, but more free time to pursue hobbies. We will study life on Earth, conserve our environment and explore the diversity of the species that share our planet with us.

It will be a world without racism, sexism, war, jails, poverty, starvation, homelessness, ignorance, despair, drug addiction, crime and pestilence.

Under a democratic and cooperative commonwealth, the free and equal development of each individual’s talents and abilities will finally become the condition for the free and equal development of all of us.

There is only two thing that stands in the way to a socialist utopia — one is the private ownership of the means of production by a tiny, despotic, divisive, parasitic capitalist class and the other is yourself not willing to make the socialist revolution 

With a socialist society, an ecologically safe and carefully planned communal economy, there are no obstacles that we won’t be able to overcome. It will be a society designed to encourage human development to its fullest while preserving and safeguarding the health and welfare of our planet for the benefit of all.

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