Saturday, February 15, 2020

Today’s tasks must prepare for tomorrow's work

The Socialist Party envision a day when the capitalist class will not be in charge of our lives. Its members share a common political agenda and seek to act collectively. Socialist revolution does not happen spontaneously–nor does the capitalist order collapse on its own. Upsurges of class struggle and periods of social crisis may lead to improved conditions for working people and their allies. But these gains are not automatic or permanent, and do not necessarily bring socialist revolution closer. Revolution must be made by working people, but their numbers and enthusiasm are not enough. Organisation and education are needed. A socialist vision and aspiration is needed to merge particular struggles into a single movement, and different issues into a common revolutionary outlook.

We are also not interested in having any group take power in any society in order to oppress anyone else. We are against dictatorship in any form. We are for a society where human needs are more important than profit; where working people have the right to a job, housing, health care, education; where society has democratic structures for the people to control their communities and workplaces. Since we are for the majority, we are by definition for the working class, as the working class is the majority of the population. We need to build an organisation which stands for the interests of the majority, can capture the diversity and creativity of the people, respects the interests of all those who are part of the struggle. The empowerment of working should be upheld and respected, a mass movement in which working people are able to participate fully in the struggles and issues that affect their lives from education to electoral representation, from unionisation to job safety to contribute in different ways to our common goal of fundamental social change. We hope to capture the hopes and dreams of the people, regard to their needs and their desire for a better life. We seek to inspire our fellow-workers “fighting spirit. This is an important foundation for us to build upon.

The establishment of socialism would banish forever hunger, unemployment, poverty and wars. Exploitation is precisely what we seek to abolish and create a true free society. It is also necessary to put forward a vision of the socialist future as a definite, concrete goal worth fighting for. There is no automatic socialist future, no guaranteed progress and no “final crisis of capitalism leading by itself to the socialist utopia: the choice between socialism and barbarism is still open, and its outcome depends on each one of us. Mankind has the opportunity of eliminating all relations of oppression and exploitation by the total abolition, of all forced labour of production.

Capitalist ownership of the facilities of production is the principal obstacle to the development of the means for achieving economic security, social solidarity and human happiness. The road to a harmonious and class-free society has to pass through the door of the world socialist revolution in order to eliminate the root causes of conflict between one part of mankind and another.

If socialism becomes the predominant political power in the country, then peace, democracy, prosperity and security are assured. It could and would organise the economic and political life of the country not in the interests of the monopolists, the profiteers, the time-server bureaucrats, but in its own simple interests of all the people, who want to oppress nobody, to exploit nobody, to war on no other people. It would organise production not for the profit of a handful of capitalists but for the use and enjoyment of all. It would build homes, instead of bombs to destroy homes; provide for the health and life of all, instead of armies for the destruction of life. It would set a living example of well-being and democracy that no tyranny on earth could withstand the uprising of its own slaves who would be immediately inspired to follow the example. For this, the working class needs nothing but the consciousness of its task in society and of its irresistible power to perform this task. Up to now, however, the working class, and especially the organised labour movement, has been content to leave its own fate in the hands of the parties of capitalism. The workers’ movement waits humbly with cap in hand while the capitalist politicians it elected to office laugh in its face. Workers require their own political power! It cannot express it without having its own political party. The Socialist Party has no other interests except that of the working class itself. The workers’ movement is our movement. We are its uncompromising champion. We seek nothing more than to be part and parcel of tomorrow’s political movement for socialism.

The Socialist Party gives coherent voice to the socialist case for  world peace, international brotherhood and global emancipation of labour and has to expressed its unfaltering socialist opposition to all wars. We are convinced that stirring days lie ahead. We are convinced that the working class will start making mighty strides along the road of independent political action towards socialism under the red flag. We are and we remain socialists – independent socialists. We are independent of capitalism, of all capitalist governments, of all capitalist politics. The fight for socialism is the fight for democracy. To all those who refuse to surrender themselves in helplessness and hopelessness to the barbarism of capitalism, to tyranny, to the unspeakable horrors of war the Socialist Party is your organisation. To all those who have confidence in the working-class movement and in its socialist future, and therefore confidence in the noble future of mankind and the  assurance a socialist future for humanity the Socialist Party extends its welcoming hand of comradeship.

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