Tuesday, February 11, 2020

For Industrial Freedom

We are living under a political and economic system which is increasingly exposed as the enemy of humanity. It has vast productive potential, but yet only means poverty and oppression for most people. While it produces a food surplus it brings starvation. It imposes draconian austerity cuts in living standards on the already poor  simply to serve the interests of the capitalist class and create still greater profits for it. 

Capitalism is responsible for the destruction of the environment. The profit motive is incompatible with safeguarding the world’s resources. So long as it is profitable, environmental destruction is perfectly ’logical’ under capitalism. Humanity’s problem is not limited resources but the waste of resources. Its armaments industry monopolises most of the world’s research and development which cynically benefits from a series of destructive wars. The root cause of all this is as always capitalism’s quest to accumulate capital, which takes precedence over any human need. 

Capitalism as a system threatens the future of humanity as such with its plunder of human and natural resources. Capitalism brings nothing but misery and exploitation. It is  an obsolete system, and the all the productive forces and technology it has created will have to be made to benefit humanity as a whole under a new social system. 

Capitalism cannot be reformed. The only solution is to end it and build a new social system. Sustainable world socialism living in harmony with nature is the real alternative to the capitalist exploitative system. Socialism will provide the opportunity for a society planned for the majority rather than for profit, a society in tune with land and nature. Worldwide, a movement for socialism is bound to come. It is more and more apparent that profit is an absurd principle by which to organise the world’s resources. The socialist society of the future will draw its strength from the new organisational forms to administer production and distribution, laying democratic foundations for a new society.

 People should have the right to collectively own and control the planets resources and the Socialist Party strives to ensure they will possess the power to achieve that. Working people built this World, its industries, its farms and its cities. Our planet is rich in natural resources and is capable of satisfying the needs of all its peoples. But for us, the future is less and less certain. Things grow worse every year. All this misery is created so a small clique of very wealthy individuals can continue to fill their pockets. Capitalists get rich by appropriating the fruits of our labour. The bosses get rich, not because they have “taken risks” or “worked harder,” as they would have us believe. The more they keep wages low or raise productivity, the more they can steal from us and the greater their profits. And if the boss thinks he can make more profit somewhere else, he just closes his factory and re-locates. Capitalism is a system based on exploitation. A handful of parasites live off the backs of the workers. It is clear that it is the vast majority of the people who carry the burden of capitalism. Working people have only one choice: either submit to this wage slavery or abolish it.

All the material resources for a socialist economy are present in abundance  raw materials, industrial plants, energy enterprises, transportation, agricultural produce. The truth cannot be hidden. The natural resources and the means of production now in the hands of the ruling class , and which are the source of their economic and political power, must be taken from them–and become common property of all. A socialist system established by a politically conscious working class, aroused and made resolute by full knowledge of the truth by freeing themselves, will end the horror of poverty and war forever and liberate the working people of the whole world.

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