Sunday, February 09, 2020

"To the Stars"

The happiness of the humanity is not in the past, but in the future. The Socialist Party holds that the exploitation of labour, with all of its dire consequences will not disappear until the day the means of production –– land, machinery, and in general all that serves production –– will be transformed from private property into common property.

 Our fellow-workers are capable of understanding how socialism is in their interest. Our fellow-workers cannot remain apathetic in the face of those who explains to them that they bring the cure to the abuses that you suffer in society. Thus, it is of absolute necessity for a worker who cares about his or her fate and the fate of others to know socialist doctrine and its methods of struggle. And, any worker who closely investigates our ideas will be quickly convinced that they need to become a socialist, not only because in these teachings they will find the satisfaction of their class interests, but also because socialism is the final word to real social progress. Socialism is the sole solution.

Why do socialists hold that only with the socialization of the means of production can we find the solution to the social question? On one side we have labour disarmed and alone, represented by the working class, and on the other side all-powerful capital, under the control of the capitalist class. Primitive communist society did not know a single antagonism between the means of labour and labour itself, because both were under the control of all of society.

A socialist society is a free association of completely free men and women, with no separation between ‘private and common interest’ existed: a society where ‘everyone could give himself a complete education in whatever domain he [or she] fancied’. A man [or woman] would be given ‘the possibility to do this today and that tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, to go fishing in the afternoon, to do cattle breeding in the evening, to criticise after dinner’, whatever they choose. If we want to believe that we shall see this happen still in our life-time, then we must act at once.

Our aim is not the division but the unity of our fellow-workers. There are many people who have not given up and reject all the lies told to them. Solidarity has always been our strongest weapon. Others, though, are tired out by the cynicism of present day politics. Let us fight for every single thing, in the struggle that is going on at all levels, everywhere, in families, in our places of work, everywhere. We think working people should demand nothing less than control of the society. They should take the industries out of the hands of the capitalist class and reorganise society on a rational basis so as to put an end once and for all to the dreadful mess into which we have all been hurled by capitalism. 

Our fellow-workers are fighting for too little. We cannot fight for too much, because if we had everything it would only be our due. The working class must take the destiny of our world into its hands – and it must do so if modern civilisation is to survive – we can all proceed to organise society and our lives in it in such a. manner as to wipe out all social inequality and antagonism and bring into existence the new socialist world. Such a world would be worth fighting for.

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