Monday, February 03, 2020

Harry And Megan. Coming To Live Here!

In Canada there is a million tons of hoopla about the possibility of Harry and Megan coming to live here which seems to have delighted most people. There are those - shame, shame - who speak of them as parasites and there are those who say, ''Not so, they are prepared to do work as opposed to shaking hands and getting paid a fortune for doing so''. 

The truth, if allowed to come in anywhere, will be a bit of both, but so what? If they get jobs it will be high profile stuff which the average Canadian worker could never aspire to. 

Who really needs these people anyway? What are they but public relations and propaganda value to the capitalist class? 

Capitalism is a system that downgrades the individual and hammers home that there are people better than you whom you should look up to, and if you buy into that then your playing their game. So let’s have done with that crapola and aim for a society, which in the words of W.S. Gilbert, in The Gondoliers, ''Where everyone is somebody and no ones’ anybody.''

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