Sunday, February 02, 2020

Reforms Come. Reforms Go. Get Off The Roundabout.

About 1.5 million Ontario workers, or 1 in 5, do not have drug coverage, according to a recent study. This affects mostly visible minorities, young people and recent immigrants in part time employment. This study conducted by the Toronto based Wellesley Institute shows that this is exacerbated by the shift to part time work we've seen in the last few years. To quote, ''Part time workers are often low wage earners and are highly concentrated in the retail trades, accommodation and food services industries which have a high concentration of vulnerable workers in precarious work. A significant portion of part time work is low wage, without benefits and has scheduling uncertainty which creates stress''. 

Ontario's previous Liberal government passed a law that part-time, temp. and casual workers would not be paid less for the same work as full-time workers, which the Ford government rescinded.

So much for well meaning reforms.

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