Saturday, February 08, 2020

The Socialist Party campaigns for socialism

It is perfectly certain that the economic forms of society are fully ripe for the transformation to complete common ownership and control. What, then, is it that stands in the way? Nothing but the want of education and organisation on the part of the people themselves. 

The Socialist Party’s work, therefore, is still that of agitation, education and organisation. This is the reason why the Socialist Party is the only organised party which alone look with hope and even exultation to the future, because we alone base our confidence because we can see reconstruction on a sure basis inevitably arising out of the rottenness around us, because we alone declare no compromise. Revolution not reform is the object of organised democratic socialism. It is for us then, as revolutionary socialists, to appeal to our fellows in all lands to work for the interests of themselves and of others, in order to bring about social revolution which can alone give freedom and happiness to mankind.

It has been the aim of civilised mankind to gain freedom from want and from arduous toil. Malnutrition and hunger threatens people around the world until the production and distribution of food is taken out of the hands of the capitalists and politicians. The burning question of food for the people is now clearly defined: Will the people eat or will the food corporations be allowed to accumulate profits as usual? The bosses of the food industry will not produce food except for profit. The food industries must be under the control of the people themselves.

The object of the Socialist Party is to secure economic freedom for the whole community,  that all men and all women shall have equal opportunities of sharing in wealth production and consumption untrammelled by any restriction

The Socialist Party’s programme is nothing less than the socialist reconstruction of society and the abolition of the wages system. This is no programme for some distant future. When it comes to socialism, we are told “It’s a fine idea, but it’ll never work,” “It’s against human nature.” “There always have been rich and poor and there always will be,” Be a realist. Don’t waste your life on a Utopian dream that can never be realised. If you want to get ahead in this world, you’ve got to be practical and look out for Number One.”

Yet the socialist movement is capably demonstrating how socialism could end poverty, unemployment and war by eliminating private ownership of the means of producing the things of life, national and international competition, and the struggle for existence by the overwhelming majority of the population in this and all other countries. The Socialist Party campaigns for socialism with, exposing the evils of capitalist society, its murderous exploitation of the workers, its utter hypocrisy in human relations, and the most evident feature of its class character: the impoverishment of the masses and the enrichment of a small class of capitalists. The struggle is not confined to one people but covers the whole of civilisation. 

The clearly avowed object of the Socialist Party is to hasten the change already begun, of transferring from private ownership to common ownership, all the agencies of wealth production and distribution, to control these agencies on a co-operative basis in the interests of all alike, and to aim constantly at securing for all citizens the highest standard of mental culture, industrial efficiency and social well-being. Without knowledge of the right sort the workers cannot properly discern the subtleties of political charlatans who are ever alert to turn aside the movement from the straight path that leads to common ownership of the means of production.

The future of the world is to be co-operative, and not competitive. As socialists we have no quarrel with the workers of any nation on earth. There is ample room for all in the world, it is only the conduct of industry for profit-making on behalf of the plutocracy that makes it appear each nation must fight every other nation. Stop this, and begin to produce for use and there is room for all and work for all. 

The Socialist Party always declare in favour of the solidarity of the interests of the workers of every country. Socialists urge international peace and universal goodwill among all peoples. More and more are realising and learning that the irrepressible conflict of today is not between the workers of one nation and the workers of another nation, but it is a conflict between the capitalists and the workers of all nations, and so above every appeal to national pride, above every appeal to religious prejudice, above every appeal to race hatred, sounds high and clear the clarion call of the socialist movement. Workers of all countries, unite. You have the whole world to win and nothing but your chains to lose.

 The Socialist Party is the enemy of all wars, and pledges that neither the sound of the trumpet nor the roar of the cannon, neither victory nor defeat will swerve us from our common purpose, the union of the children of toil of all countries. That is the spirit of the working class movement. That is the spirit which above all others is making for human brotherhood and universal peace.

The banner under which we muster is the worldwide red banner of socialism, not the flag of bloody insurrection. Future fights must not be between the workers of one country and the workers of another, that is madness. The fight we are called upon to engage in is as a part of the world’s workers battling against the workers’ exploitation in every country alike.

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