Monday, February 03, 2020

It Would Be Better To Abolish Capitalism.

Toronto Mayor John Tory, is determined to reduce the level of poverty in Toronto. With the brilliance and clarity of genius, this worthy said, ''Poverty is not a problem that arose overnight and is not one that will be solved overnight. Certainly not by one government alone''. 

Ain't his electors smart?

 He intends doing this by increasing the hours libraries are open, which should please the homeless who sit around in them, to sustain funding to student nutrition programs and reduce the waiting list for city-run recreation programs in low income areas. Also Tory intends giving cheap transit fares to those who incomes, ''Fall below the threshold that is 15 per cent above the federal government’s low income measure.'' 

Now doesn't all that make you feel good? 

But at least Tory does realize poverty cannot be eradicated under capitalism. So given that plain fact of the cash-nexus life wouldn't it be better to abolish capitalism?

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