Sunday, April 05, 2020

Another Future For Us All?

A lot needs changing to our world if we are all to enjoy decent secure lives. It was clear well before the COVID-19 pandemic that humanity required to learn to share, to cooperate and to create a world free from conflict, and we had to help the planet to heal from the harm done to it. Mankind is one family, although a species large and diverse, consisting of unique individuals with a variety of qualities, yet all sharing the same inherent nature, suffering from the same fears and having similar hopes and longings.

Capitalism has led to a ‘dog eat dog’ mentality, and the false belief that people innately selfish, greedy and driven by aggression. Capitalism has successfully polarised large sections of the world's population through sexism, racism and nationalism, and that is just a few of the ways. Generations have been conditioned into believing that this is the way to live, that we are separate and must compete with one another to survive and it is that what makes us human beings, and there is no alternative. Such ideas are fundamentally misguided.

Socialists have always called for a shift in this way of thinking and demanded a change in mode of production and style of living. The world socialist movement has urged collective action for tolerance and and cooperation. To survive and prosper, to fulfil our potential, socialists say we must reject divisions and that it is possible to build a new society of social justice. Out of chaos of the old we can create a future civilisation in which humanity can live in peace and compassion. As the humanitarian responses to this pandemic is showing, in times of crises , people are expressing solidarity with one another. It demonstrates one more that mankind is good and humanity is social. 

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