Monday, April 06, 2020

Towards A Socialist Cooperative Commonwealth

Crashes across the world’s financial markets with share prices in free-fall due to the COVID-19 pandemic have sent shock-waves through the media and the owning class. 

We are entitled to suspect the newly discovered sincerity of corporate CEOs and to view their motives with some cynicism. But as long as the employing class own the means of production and control political power the working class will always be on the receiving end of any economic crisis. This pandemic is one more piece of evidence that this supposedly great economic system has just a failed us once again. The gross inequalities and declining standards of life are magnified by the corona crisis, pushing already marginalized working people to the brink.

When will the people stop expecting the system to do the impossible? When will they cease to be surprised that the system works in the interests of a privileged minority? When will those who mistakenly believe capitalism is the most rational and efficient way of ordering human affairs accept that in reality it is an insane and chaotic society? Too many are as yet blind to the realities of the capitalist system. At the mercy of this pandemic and profiteers they frantically turn this way and that way to cope with the evils of capitalism. But the SYSTEM that produces their sufferings they do not dream of attacking. They see neither a definite goal, nor the way to it. Capitalism is a society which cannot hold any regard for human interests or values. We must resolve to abolish the system altogether.

Normalcy is nothing that we should return to. Instead we must forge a path for fundamental and transformative change with a new movement. There should be no turning back to the pre-COVID-19 days of accepting the austerity of capitalism which is dedicated to making life as miserable as possible for the masses of people and crushes any attempts made for even minimal reform. The moment is ripe for campaigning and demanding socialism as our political demand. This pandemic is an opportunity for new political activity.

Only with the end of capitalism itself, and the establishment of a worldwide socialist cooperative commonwealth can we escape the misery inflicted upon us.

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