Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Change the world

Humans are cooperative and interconnected. We have built vast cities, communication and transportation systems. Civilisation encourages attitudes such as respect and tolerance to those who we have no relation to. We reinforce these values, teaching them to our children. That’s because they generally lead to a more harmonious, mutually beneficial society. Yet xenophobia, racism, sexism and bigotry exists. 
What people around us say and do subconsciously influences the way we think. We soak up this cultural context like a sponge, and it subtly shapes our attitudes and behaviours. If we are surrounded by people that stigmatise those different to themselves, this also encourages distrust or aggression in us. Leaders with nationalist leanings are more frequently taking centre stage around the world, from the US, to Brazil, to India. When people and organisations we trust talk in such a way, it has a profound effect on our receiving minds. It can even shape our beliefs about what we might think are purely rational issues. One of the scenario is called “order from strength” and represented “a regionalised and fragmented world that is concerned with security and protection… Nations see looking after their own interests as the best defence against economic insecurity, and the movement of goods, people, and information is strongly regulated and policed”. Later iterations of the scenario have been dubbed “fortress world”, an authoritarian system of global apartheid with elites in protected enclaves and an impoverished majority outside. There seems to be a lack of empathy, a disregard and intolerance for others who were not lucky enough to be born in “our” tribe. In response to an ecological catastrophe of their making, rich countries simply argue about how best to prevent the potential influx of migrants.
Why should any person have confidence in the future of the capitalist system? The first thing socialism will do is to free the workers from the degrading, humiliating and exhausting slavery to the capitalist machine. We have to plan the economy, plan it in order to produce for use. Capitalists are in continuous conflict, always with the workers or with one another at home, or with foreign capitalists. They breathe disorder, confusion, anarchy, war. Only the whole working class and its allies organized and free of capitalist tyranny, can plan production. Only working people can emancipate themselves. Capitalism can only live and thrive upon the subordination, the division, the suppression of the people. Only the power of the workers can change that.
The Socialist Party demands the abolition of the capitalist system. Socialism is where the means of production are used for the benefit of society as a whole and not for the profit of a few. That is the socialist society. That is the solution. And all the committees of all the capitalists in the world cannot arrive at any solution, because the only solution is socialism, that is, the abolition of themselves. But, precisely because they cannot see the way out they are ready to try whatever their desperation drives them to. The workers have no reason to submit any more. The responsibility of revolutionary socialists is clear and it is to send the capitalist class go whither it now belongs – into the rubbish heap of history and we mean the WHOLE ROTTEN SYSTEM AND THOSE WHO PROFIT BY IT, AND DO EVERYTHING TO MAINTAIN IT. The time for the liberation of the workers is long overdue.

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