Monday, April 13, 2020

The World-wide Plague. Capitalism Compelling Use Of The Cash Nexus.

So now we are mired down in what, to call a spade a spade, is a world-wide plague. It began in an illegal animal market in China and the world was not told about it before it was spreading quickly. Putting those two facts together means only one thing: money. An illegal market means money and why wasn't the world told?; probably because of the problems it would cause China's business towards its competitors. 

It all relates to money which of course is the very death blood of capitalism. However, it is all to easy to blame capitalism, which would not be the point. Capitalism is the atrocious system the worlds working class has seen unfit to abolish and now they are paying for it.

Perhaps this co-vid 19 business will aid additional workers seeing the stupidity of capitalism compelling use of the cash nexus to get what folk need; with such a mass interruption in the circulating rate of global capital wiping out profits, and now governments, loath(!), subsidizing workers to buy the things they need, like food, rent, mortgages, (even in Conservative parasite-heavens of America and UK!), perhaps a bit of sense may get knocked into people's heads what a madhouse things were and are, but do not have to be . . . 

In this sense the Socialist non-market case is more timely than ever.

S.P.C. Members.

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