Sunday, April 05, 2020

Socialism is the real alternative

The popular demand for social is a sham demand as it is unrealisable under capitalism. Instead the demand should be nothing less than abolition of classes, i.e., abolition of all exploitation. The Socialist Party demands, and fights for, mastery over the production apparatus, whereby under common ownership in a class-free society true equality will be established. You are yoked up as wage slaves. The socialist revolution will be a great step forward in the history of mankind. With socialism for the first time in history the individual will have the opportunity of real freedom, of real self-development. The Socialist Party places its hope in the ability of the people to reach high levels of political consciousness and to end the rule of the propertied dictatorial class. 

Socialism offers as its fundamental contribution to the cause of peace a society with constantly expanding perimeters of political and social democracy.We are socialists. We are opposed to capitalism. We are for socialism. We make no secret about that. It is capitalism and its built-in, all-consuming need for profit, regardless of the needs of people, that enslaves all workers—women and men alike, of all races, ethnic and religious backgrounds—and condemns them to struggle for their very existence. Capitalism’s overwhelming and compelling need to increase profits above, and at the expense of, all else  is the driving force behind all corporate executives, no matter of what race or gender they may be. There is no “trickle down” in money or justice under capitalism. Every bit a worker gets, or will ever get, must be fought for, tooth and nail.

World capitalism and its the frightful crises has plunged working people into unheard of misery which threatens to destroy the whole human culture. When, in the course of human development, existing institutions prove inadequate to the needs of man, when they serve merely to enslave, rob, and oppress mankind, the people have to overthrow, these institutions. Throughout the world the workers have to reach the determination to take control of their own lives.  In this country this can and must be achieved peacefully by the workers uniting at the ballot boxes. 

If socialism is to be relevant today it must present a policy for freedom. Vote for socialism and be free. We summon the workers of city and country, all nationalities,  all who are exploited and oppressed by capitalism. Only a socialist world can give us peace and plenty. Look how the capitalist world totters on the brink of destruction. The capitalist parties are as rotten and bankrupt as the system they uphold. They can maintain themselves and that. system today only by piling additional burdens upon the people. The evils of capitalism will disappear only with the destruction of capitalism and the building of socialism. Solidarity and unity are the very life of the Socialist Party, the source of its strength.

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