Sunday, April 12, 2020

Teachers Teaching Hate.

Ontario Minister for Education, Stephen Lecce, leaned heavily on the Board of Education for Peel County March 13, because of the ''Deeply disturbing systematic racism, discrimination and dysfunction'' uncovered by provincial reviewers. Peel County comprises the cities of Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon. Black students make up 10.2% of high school students, but make up 22.5% of those suspended.

 Reasons for suspensions ranged from wearing hoodies, dorags and hoop earrings. Black students were also the target of racist comments made by teachers and principals who allowed other students to use the N word without punishment. Islamophobia was cited as a concern as well as the presence of white supremacists at a board meeting. Mr. Lecce is demanding the board apologize and maintains tighter supervision to prevent such behaviour. 

It is a horrible thing to think students are being taught to hate by their teachers, but nevertheless capitalism is a divisive system and will remain so for as long as it lasts.

S.P.C. Members.

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