Saturday, April 18, 2020

Simple Truths

JOIN THE ARMY. Not an army to fight capitalist quarrels over trade routes and markets, but the army of revolutionary workers organised in the Socialist Party to fight in the class war , with the object of capturing political power, in order to abolish capitalism and establish socialism. 

Capitalism can do nothing for you. There is one remedy only for the evils and discomforts you are up against, and that is the abolition of capitalism and the establishment of socialism. Study your place in society. Learn that the present system is based upon the private ownership of the means and instruments of wealth production and distribution ; that there are two classes in society, the possessing class and the working class—YOUR class. Discover that because you are denied access to the means of life you are a commodity, bought and sold just like tomatoes and tripe. Then you will know that the only salvation for you will be the establishment of a system of society in which the whole people commonly own and control their means of wealth production and distribution.

Like sheep you have followed and follow "leaders." You voted for any old freak who would do his best to perpetuate capitalism. You voted for the capitalists' profits. You have returned your masters to Parliament. You given them the right to exploit you, your wife and children. You VOTED for capitalism. You SUPPORT capitaliam. You WANT capitalism. You GOT capitalism.

Why don't you  use your brain power in the right manner? You will soon would realise the uselessness of following leaders who work hand-in-hand with the very class you ought to fight to the bitter end.

The Socialist Party is open to all desirous of obtaining a thorough knowledge of the cause of their suffering and of the means whereby we shall rid the world of a system which causes such suffering.

Socialists have been calling out at the top of their voices cautioning, warning, and alerting our fellow-workers against the blind  destructive nature of the capitalist system, that everything is interconnected and we cannot afford to live in ignorance and apathy. Capitalism has burdened the planet with our garbage and waste. It does not care for the less fortunate and the vulnerable. It divided our societies into rich and poor, the haves and have-nots. The serious threats that the world faces today are linked to capitalism and its economic inequality.
Today a world trying to cope with this pandemic finds itself up a blind alley again. Despite their platitudes the ruling elites are not yet ready to leave their lust for profit aside. heir only duty is to maximise the gains of the stockholders.
Socialist society, based on the common ownership of the means of production and distribution, a new economic system ending all social oppression by dissolving the hostile classes into a community of free and equal producers striving not for sectional interests, but for the common good. This cooperative commonwealth, liberates the individual from all economic exploitation and political and social oppression, would provide real liberty and for the full and harmonious development of the personality, giving full scope for the growth of the creative faculties of the mind. Rather than capitalism's constant conflict of coercive human and ecological relationships socialism will be associations of people united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a commonly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprises.

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