Sunday, April 12, 2020

Towards a World of Plenty

Capitalism is a system based on private property of the means of production from which profit is made through the exploitation of labour. We are slaves to capitalism. The market doesn’t care about our health in the long run, it cares about share prices an hour from now. 

Many of us nurture the hope of a worldwide revolution during which capitalism is overthrown and people are able to live together as equals in a society where there is no systematic hierarchy and no exploitation, where we can decide ourselves what to do and when to do it, where community is the bond that ties us together instead of money.

The private ownership of the means of production threatens society, in “peace” and in war, with disruption so violent as to overwhelm it in chaos. Surely it must be apparent that the task which inexorably faces the working class is the overthrow of private ownership and the establishment of common ownership of the means of living. The only hope of the workers lies in the establishment of socialism. The necessity for a new society is clear. Socialism, of course, can only be brought about by socialists.

Each passing day illustrates the need to uproot a vicious and vile capitalism that places value on human life only as far as it can profit from it, We can replace it with a society where all of its members are valued regardless of race, class, gender, sexuality or ability.

The cure for the evils suffered by the workers under the present system is—SOCIALISM. Don’t be afraid of the word. The alternative to capitalism means ending production for profit, establishing a new non-state form of administration.

CAPITALISM, a system of private ownership and control of the things necessary for you to live by, leaves you, the actual producer of all that is useful in the world, at the bottom of things—never sure of to-morrow’s food, without any security of right to live.

SOCIALISM, a system of common ownership and control of the means of life, would put you on your proper plane in life, without a “superior,” sure of food, clothing, shelter, and the very minimum of hours of labour.

When the means of life are commonly owned, do you think for a moment that you will fight each other for oil wells or for anything else? NOT SO BLOODY LIKELY!

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