Monday, April 06, 2020

The remedy is in your hands

THE SOCIALIST PARTY claim, and prove their claim, to be the only party in the UK whose principles will benefit the working class. We have no connection with the Labour Party, the Socialist Workers Party or other left wing group who are only interested in two things: firstly, grinding their own axes; secondly, trying to make the present rotten capitalist system bearable to you, thereby prolonging the life of that system which grinds YOU down so mercilessly.

We address ourselves to our fellow-workers: —The machines and tools with which you produce vast quantities of wealth—themselves the product of labour—are owned by the master class. You are compelled to sell the only commodity you possess — the power to labour—to the owners of those tools for a miserable pittance varying but little from the actual cost of subsistence, while they, the minority in society, take to themselves the fruits of your labour. YOU ARE EXPLOITED.  You lose one master, but are compelled to find another, and because of your non-ownership of the means of producing the necessaries of life you are enslaved to the possessing class —the capitalists. Constantly you are confronted with the fear of unemployment, and conditions do not improve—they are getting worse. Your interests are opposed to those of the exploiters, and you will be exploited and oppressed by them until you realise your true position, and organise as a class into a political party with the object of capturing political power and overthrowing the present system of contradictions of wealth and poverty, and the conversion of the means of wealth production from instruments of profit-grinding into common property to be administered for the well being of all.

We have all heard at some time or other that if we were careful, industrious, thrifty, god-fearing, and abstained from hedonism the ladder is clear and easy to climb for every one of us . We have all heard of so-and-so who started life in humble surroundings and, by leading a virtuous life, ultimately became wa successful "self made men." Even though most of us  realise that to be born in the poverty of the working class means being doomed to remain there until the end of their days. The road to affluence and power is not through self-sacrifice and the sweat of our toil. When will our fellow-workers learn and understand their position in society, then organise to overthrow the system that robs them of the fruit of their labours.

From the capitalist standpoint socialism is a "great evil.” They never examines the basis of capitalism because it is the best possible system..for them. It divides society into a privileged and a slave class, and their lot is cast among the privileged. Socialism is repugnant to the capitalists because it would abolish slavery and privilege and establish society on a basis where the means of wealth-production, instead of being owned by a small capitalist class, would be the common property of society, to be used for the needs of a community making arrangements for production and distribution according to a settled plan agreed upon by all, a system based upon common ownership and democratic control of all the means of life. 

The workers are poor because they are robbed of the greater portion of the wealth which they produce. The necessaries of life are produced by the social labour of the workers, but the means and instruments for producing these necessaries are owned and controlled by the capitalist class. It is because of this antagonism, this contradiction, in society, i.e., social production side by side with private ownership, that we have poverty-stricken workers and idlers rolling in wealth.

The solution to the "problem" rests with the working class, who must get to understand their class position in society and enrol themselves in a political party with the object of capturing the powers of government, in order to establish socialism. That political party already exists—it is the Socialist Party.
The Socialist Party pronounces the sentence of death upon capitalism to usher in the Socialist Commonwealth.

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