Tuesday, April 21, 2020

It’s time to choose life over death

Socialism is a society where the associated producers are the masters of the process of production. Socialist politics seeks an emancipatory future worth fighting for. The Socialist Party is convincing the majority of workers that a better future is possible. It holds a vision of industrial freedom and abundance. For the first time in the history of humanity—the possibility exists to produce not only enough for the plentiful consumption of all members of society, but also to offer each person sufficient leisure so that culture - science, art - is not only the preserve and  monopoly of the ruling class but transformed into the common property of the whole of society. Socialism makes emancipation and freedom possible for all of society. Socialism will develop automation and the technology to dramatically reduce the labour needed for providing the necessities of life. Socialists will take over the machinery of production - not switch it off. All of society will enjoy extended free time.

Critics of the Labour Party are rapidly increasing in number. We find that under Labour Party governments there exists capital, exploitation, wage slavery, armies, police, prisons, unemployment, wars, kings and queens, House of Lords,  prime ministers, profits, taxes, poverty, plutocrats and parasites of all kinds. All of which entitles one to ask in comparing it with the present capitalist system of government: "What is the difference ?" If this is all the Labour Party can do, compare to the socialist object, then ask yourself is it worth while bolstering up these fakers even through your trade union affiliation. Clearly something more is needed than the Labour Party.

There is, perhaps, no other epoch in history so murderous  and brutal as the present. Even the days we call the "Dark Ages" have no records of men, women and children slaughtered wholesale. Herod has been out-Heroded by dozens of petty war-lords. Nero fiddled while burning a city, a modern general burns scores of them. When will you join with us in waging the only war worth while—the class war—in order to dethrone capitalism's thieves and inaugurate the socialist co-operative commonwealth? If you acquiesce in the continuance of capitalism, and accept the possibility of more wars, then some of you will pay with your lives.

The Socialist Party alone maintains its hostility to all forms of religion. It considers all religious beliefs to be incorrect and a barrier to the acceptance of the socialist case. Therefore one of the tasks of a socialist is to show the falsity of religious ideas and not to compromise with them. A socialist cannot be religious, and when socialism is established religion will be dead, for the overwhelming majority of the world’s population will have become socialists. If anyone remains who wishes to keep his or her rosaries or sing hymns they will be tolerated. But a world of enlightenment and security will not provide fertile soil for the growth of religious ideas, which flourish in the rubbish heap of misery and ignorance.

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