Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Learning Of A Wage Slave.

One doesn't usually associate homelessness with university students, but nevertheless it is increasing. 

In California some have asked the state government to open parking lots at colleges at night to help those who sleep in their cars, but were refused. A survey was taken by the New York Times about the problem in the golden state, during 2019. They found that 17% of college students experienced homelessness; 56% were, ''Housing Insecure'', missing part of their rent or sleeping on friends’ couches; 4% spent some nights sleeping in their cars and it would cost the state $69 million a year to open parking lots due to security and sanitation expenses. The report did not add that when they graduate they would be saddled with a massive student debt. 

All this just to learn how to be a wage slave, which is all, so called education is under capitalism.

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