Monday, December 27, 2021

The Heat Dome, Fires, Mudslides and now Flooding. What’s the Poblem?

This year British Columbia has been hit broadside with the heat dome, fires, mudslides and now flooding. 

Nor is this a new thing; there were wildfires in 2017 and 2018. 

At present the town of Abbotsford, in the Fraser Valley, more than an hour east of Vancouver is underwater. With more heavy rains in the forecast, it is predicted to get worse. The provincial government have introduced emergency measures which include limiting drivers to 30 litres of gas and restricting some highways to medical and service vehicles. 

Yet still, the apologists for crapitalism insist this has nothing to do with global warming.

 According to Elizabeth Wolkovich, Professor of Forest and Conservation Science at U.B.C.,

''There are a lot of weather events and there are extreme weather events naturally in any climate system.'' 

Perhaps this worthy would like to explain why the sea will soon have an ice-free summer in the Arctic. Soon we'll be out of time.

S.P.C. Members.

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