Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jailhouse Blues

Capitalism is a social disaster not only for the millions that starve amidst plenty, those who are killed or wounded in its wars but also in its day to day personal tragedies. Take the case of Steven Davison a 21-year-old who killed himself whilst in a young offenders institution for having a knife and threatening to harm himself. 'The National Offender Management Service said reducing the number of prison suicides was a top priority. Labour peer Lord Harris was asked by the government in February to conduct a review on how to reduce self-inflicted deaths in custody, and is expected to present his findings next summer. He believes the unnecessary imprisonment of some individuals, including those with mental health problems, is preventing others from receiving the support they need.' (BBC News, 14 November) In its unceasing drive for more and more profits capitalism cannot afford to properly provide welfare care so unfortunates like Stephen suffer the consequence. RD

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