Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Conflict Waiting To Happen.

The capitalist class in Canada has made it's bid to be, ''top of the world.'' On May 23 Canada submitted 1,200 pages of scientific evidence to the U.N. in its attempt to prove the continental shelf from the high Arctic Islands extends more than 200 nautical miles from its shore. 

It includes a contested section of sea floor that stretches from the top of Ellesmere Island along the undersea ridge to the pole and more than 200 kilometers past it. The trouble is that Russia says the same undersea ridge originates from its continental shelf. Therefore it argues all of the sea floor alongside the ridge from the Russian coast to just past the pole belongs to it. The Danes say the ridge is part of Greenland so they have a P.O.V."

 All the countries involved recognize that there will have to be boundary negotiations at some future point,'' said, Michael Byers, professor of international law at the University of British Columbia. 

This doesn't mean it will be settled amicably. The melting of ice in the Arctic means it will be easier to drill down and get the mineral wealth there, which inevitably means the capitalist class of different countries will want as much as they can get. So it’s a conflict just waiting to happen.

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