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Fake Solutions and False Signs

The Socialist Party differs from most anarchists with its insistence that the working class can only abolish the State by first capturing control of it. Therefore, the working class requires organisation on the political field and the Socialist Party engages in electoral activity and contests elections. The ballot box permits the possibility for the peaceful reconstruction of society. A socialist political party has but one thing to do upon winning control of the political machine, and that is to abolish all political forms of power, including abolition of the socialist political party itself, without delay. Our aim is truly a class-free society that must also be state-free with no coercive power that is distinct from and ruling over the population. What the alternative system self-management will vary in form and depend upon circumstances but will mainly consist of delegates elected by the people in their communities and their work-places. Socialism is possible only if the working class creates a structure through which it can wield the economy democratically.

Workers today face a host of challenges undreamed of by previous generations. Outsourcing, downsizing, buyouts, mass layoffs, job cuts. The list goes on and on. Workers have nowhere to turn when the chips are down. An organisation based on working-class principles, and organised, and administered by the workers themselves, is needed, will bring together all workers, men and women, young and old, across artificial racial and national boundaries, into one powerful and irresistible force. But organising is not be an end in itself but the beginning of a bigger plan which will one day bring forth a system that will benefit everyone, a system that will see the end of forced unemployment, an end to poverty and war, and all the other miseries that follow in the wake of the so-called "best of all possible systems." Capitalism today may pretend otherwise, but it, too, relies on terror, or the threat of it, to uphold the economic order. Workers cannot look to the capitalist class or its state to protect them from the social forces unleashed by capitalism.

An increase in exploitation on the job, whether in the form of lower real wages and in greater workloads, hurts workers immediately and directly. But the workers themselves aren't the only ones who feel the increased pressure. Their families are also affected. If we as workers controlled production and distribution of goods, the wealth we created with our labour could be used to meet all of our needs. We could allocate our resources to the areas we considered most important. We could surround our children with the love and attention of entire families, without fear of want. The profit motive, which defines capitalist values, are incompatible with human values. Creating the social environment for humans to live and behave as human beings is a task reserved for socialism.

The capitalist system is inherently nationalistic. Society has reached a point where capitalism is increasingly incompatible with freedom and democracy. To save capitalism, freedom and democracy must eventually be destroyed. To save freedom and democracy, capitalism must be destroyed. To reverse the trend toward repression, to defend our rights from attack and to make democracy a reality in every sphere of life, the working class must organise to end capitalist control over the means of life and with it the political supremacy of the capitalist class. The only cure for the authoritarian threat inherent in capitalist-class rule is the forging of a class conscious workers' movement for socialism that successfully establishes a socialist economic democracy -- a rational social system that can provide fulfilling economic opportunity for all and production for human needs and wants rather than for the profit of the minority capitalist class. Capitalism, with a pathological focus on profit before people, is fertile soil for human miseries. The brutal and reactionary response of the ruling class and their servants who shape social policy is to put people in cages.

Every class-conscious worker who can see what is at stake had best heed the alarm, rouse themselves and join the struggle to educate and organise our class for socialism -- while there is still time to do so. Only the Socialist Party can bring a society characterised by compassion. Socialism will free human beings from prisons, class rule, the profit motive, despair, alienation and addiction.


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