Friday, July 19, 2019

The future is bright

Every day workers drip their sweat on to production lines and, in capitalist society, experience the life-killing exploitation on which the system is built. They take part in struggles, together with fellow workers and others, against the outrages of the capitalist system. For over 200 years the battle between the classes, the working class and the capitalist class, has raged. It has ebbed and flowed according to the strength, understanding and contradiction between these two classes. The working class never ceasing, never surrendering but neither remaining true to its revolutionary origin nor ever totally pursuing that aim without reservation.

 In order to become conscious of itself as a class, and to know and change the world in accordance with its interests, the working class must have its own socialist party consistently which points the way forward toward the goal of overthrowing the rule of capital and building socialism. The working class in each country needs only one socialist party. The capitalists usually have more than one party, because of their need to compete with each other and to deceive the people. 

Different sectors of capital seek to advance their own vested interests by competing both through and within these parties. The working class has no interest in competition among themselves – it is the rule of capital that pits worker against worker to compete for jobs and for survival. The working class has no need for masks but openly proclaims its intention to overthrow the exploiting minority. The working class needs a single party to unite it as a mighty fist, to build its understanding of the historical mission of ending all class society. The working class needs a socialist party to draw up a battle plan against the enemy. One socialist party, representing the interests of one class, and through these interests, the great majority of humanity.

Class struggle has always existed since there were classes to struggle. The interests of the classes – those who sell their labour power and those who exploit the labour of others – are so opposed as to make struggle inevitable. Instead of exposing the bosses, the media have put the blame for the crisis on foreign countries, foreign-born workers, women and minorities—anything that serves to divide the people and hide the real nature of the problem. The government is nothing but the tool of the bosses. 

The Socialist Party declares that the blame for the crisis lies exclusively with the capitalist system, and that the only real way out of the crisis is working class struggle and socialist revolution. No piecemeal reforms or partial solutions can bring an end to this state of things. Reformists stand exposed for their total inability to meet the people’s needs.

The Socialist Party is the party of the working class. It is a part of the working class against the ruling class. It has no interests apart from the interests of the working class. It is the very reason for its existence to bring to fellow-workers an understanding of the laws of capitalism and enables them to consciously change the world and make a socialist revolution. The working class are bound to overthrow the capitalist class, socialise the ownership of the means of production and remove all social chains on the development of the productive forces, by advancing to class-free society. Socialism promises peace because it offered a society with no cause for war, that is to say, in which capitalist contradictions and national rivalries are overcome.

Today, the people live under the capitalist class. The working class is the only class that stands diametrically opposed to the capitalists. The working class stands at the head and unites all those exploited by the capitalist system and has as its goal the emancipation of all humanity from wage-slavery. The working class can make no revolution without its own socialist party.

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