Monday, July 15, 2019

Defend Civilisation from Capitalism

Keep capitalism and we'll face the certain prospect of further environmental destruction, new wars, mass hunger - the graveyard of civilisation. Our world is a world of economic exploitation, inequalities, lack of political freedoms, material emptiness, a world of misery, hunger, hatred, war and fear. Old problems are joined by new ones. 

Capitalism poisons our lives everyday. 

Capitalism is running riot throughout the land. The private ownership of the means of production is doing its deadly work. The millions of wage-earners do not own themselves, they are wage-slaves, and their masters control their lives and subject them to conditions as degrading as those which existed in times of chattel slavery. 

Capitalism, the rule of the rich minority, is the enemy. This alone should suffice to condemn this system in the eyes of every one concerned with the salvation of the human race.

Capitalism is destroying itself and from its ruins will rise the cooperative commonwealth. 

Socialism is the only way out from the difficulties in which mankind has entangled itself. The antidote to capitalism is socialism, a democratic system of society where the wealth is owned and controlled by the people who produce it. In a cooperative society we can pool our abilities and resources to create more for everyone, and to share it out fairly.

There is no principles involved in the politics of the other political parties. For them it is simply a question of capturing political office and dividing the the spoils. The same old speeches are made and the same old promises are pledged. Whatever politician, it is all the same. They will exhort in favour of anything, or declare their wrath upon anything, if it gains them extra votes. The Tories and Labour are at one in their allegiance to the City of London and capitalist supremacy. A vote for either of these parties is a vote for misrule and wage slavery.

Why should workers become a member of the Socialist Party? 

The Socialist Party is the only party dedicated to the emancipation of the working class from wage-slavery. 

The Socialist Party is the only party that stands for social democracy. 

The Socialist Party is the party of the working class, the only class without which society could not exist. Its emancipation will follow the abolition of the wage system, will mean the freedom of humanity, based upon a cooperative commonwealth which will mean the beginning of the first real civilisation the world has ever known. 

The Socialist Party proposes to transfer the sources, means, and machinery of production and distribution from the private hands to the all people, so that wealth may be produced in abundance, not to enrich a small class, but for the comfort and enjoyment of all. 

The Socialist Party wants working people to want everything. 

Our patience is equal to their persistence.

The goal of the Socialist Party is the liberation of humanity from all forms of oppression. 

To achieve that, it is essential to carry out a socialist revolution throughout the world to overthrow the capitalist system. 

Members never forget that the cause for which the Socialist Party fights for is the most worthwhile of all to which human beings can dedicate themselves.

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