Thursday, May 28, 2020

A Grievance Collector?

We are all shocked at the killing spree of failed, 51 year old businessman, Gabriel Wortman, who, on the weekend of April 18-19, killed 22 people, over 100 kilometres and 12 hours, in Nova Scotia, while wearing an RCMP uniform and driving a replica police cruiser. 

James Fitzgerald, a former FBI profiler, said, "The shooter appears to have been a ''grievance collector'', someone who remembers every slight or perceived slight from other people and begins to attribute their own shortcomings or failures to those alleged affronts. The grievances fester and can boil over into acts of vengeance''. 

Of two things we can be sure; Wortman was not exactly a well balanced person and that daily life under capitalism isn't conducive to good mental health with the pressures it puts on us all to survive. Reformers suggest banning guns, which though it’s a good idea an even better one would be to ban the society that causes violence and therefore wouldn't need guns. 

We cannot say nobody would suddenly go wacko in a socialist society, but we can say the pressure would not be great and that person would get the help he/she needed.

S.P.C. Members.

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