Friday, May 01, 2020

People want revolution.

In order to safeguard the wealth they have robbed from us and insure more profits, it is in the interests of the capitalist class to have a divided working class A working class that is divided is one that is not capable of defending itself or fighting in its own interests. The capitalists have a vast array of tools of oppression to keep the working class divided. They continually promote discord among us to keep us weak, fighting among ourselves, fighting against our brothers and sisters throughout the world. We are an organisation that fights political delusions and ideological illusions. Only a united working class  can effective wage class war against the ruling capitalists. This unity must be based on the struggle in our own interests – political working unity – a unity in common struggle against capitalism. Only with unity can we struggle for the emancipation of working peoples and our class from a common enemy.

The World Socialist Movement is an organisation of men and women committed to building a socialist society. Only within a socialist society can we take control over our own lives and bring an end to war, economic insecurity and sexual and racial inequality. Only within socialism can all people fully develop their potential and capabilities. We must bring about the end of the present capitalist economic and political system that is imposed upon our lives. It is a system which is inherently based on misery and exploitation. It profits a wealthy few at the expense of the vast majority of working people throughout  the world. It generates war. It keeps people weak and powerless by fostering racial, national and gender divisions. 

This system is controlled by a small number of extremely rich ruling class who use major institutions, including the government, to protect their interests and wealth and to maintain their control over our lives. In a class society, the dominant economic class makes and enforces the rules to ensure the actual rule of those who own and control the means of production. They own and manipulate the media. They purchase the political parties office-holders whose role is to serve those whose campaign contributions put them in their lucrative positions

At the workplace, it is clear that democracy does not exist. Working people exist under a system of wage slavery. In order to survive workers have no choice but to sell their labour power at a price determined by the capitalists. 

As long as capitalists exist on the profits from the sale of this labour power by vast numbers of working people, working people will have no freedom. The appropriation, by a small minority to be used for personal gain and profit, of the wealth produced by labour power must be stopped and replaced by new relations to production where the workers own and control the means of production, and their labour is for the good of the vast majority. We must change the basis upon which the exploitation and enslavement of people exists by abolishing the capitalist system.

It should be clear that the trade unions are absolutely necessary to the workers under capitalism. The workers trade union is the only organisation which stands between them and the capitalists. The trade union defends the workers, winning higher wages, better working conditions, and a measure of job security and dignity. 

Wherever capitalism has developed, trade unions have emerged as the major institutions of economic defence of the working class. Trade unions teach workers that the bosses must be fought in order to make gains in the worker’s standard of living, and they do teach workers that the working class must be united, and that its interests are inevitably opposed to the bosses. But it should be noted that trade unions, even at their best, are of limited benefit. Trade unions do not teach workers that the whole government is a front for the employers. Presently, no trade union talks about the need for socialism, or explains that ultimately it will be necessary to overthrow the state which is controlled by the employing class. Without socialism, the working class is reduced to a constant struggle against the effects of capitalism because without socialism, the foundation of capitalist exploitation remains intact. It remains the job of the WSM to explain these things and convince our fellow-workers of the need to overthrow the whole capitalist system altogether. 

Socialism is not just an ideal but a workable alternative system where political and economic power is held and used to benefit not a handful of people, but all people. We shall always attempt to present our ideas in the clearest way possible. It will be working people who will make socialism a reality.

The exploitative system ofcapitalism in direct conflict with the interests of the vast majority of the people throughout the world. The wealth of this society was and is created by working people, yet our human labor is expropriated by  profiteers and elites to enrich themselves at the expense of those who make the products and deliver services. Working people are exploited when a portion of their human labor is stolen from them by the capitalists for the sake of profits. The relationship of the capitalist class to the working class is inevitably exploitative. This is the essence of class society. We have no common ground, no basis for friendship, no reconcilaition or peace with the ruling class as long as it exists. The working class in their fight for socialism will lay the foundations for their own liberation. The WSM fights for the complete social, economic and political equality for working peoples. We see the way to fight the capitalist ideology and culture is to educate ourselves as to the contradictions and oppressiveness of the capitalist system. In so doing, we strengthen the class movement against capitalist exploitation. An essential part of building a revolutionary working class movement to end capitalism and build socialism is the development and furtherance of a socialist party. Right now there are many groups claiming to be socialist but there is just one which is dedicated to overthrowing the capitalist system and not reforming it - the World Socialist Movement.  

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