Saturday, May 16, 2020

We need real change and we need it now.

Working people can draw three lessons from the present pandemic crisis. First, that any trust given to either political leader or to business is totally misplaced. In the running of the capitalist system only one criterion can count the need to make a profit. The other lesson is that capitalism while seemingly indestructible is in fact very vulnerable. At any time a crisis can cause big problems to the poor fools who have to make it run smoothly. Lastly, whoever else suffers in the process, workers always suffer the most. The time is right for an alternative society but the Socialist Party has been saying that since its foundation. Since then we must concede that we have not made our vision for the future resonate with our fellow-workers. We have been out-played by those who have no wish for transformative social change, only tinkering modification of the system.

Our  lives cannot be ruled by market forces. are so much more than “human resources” to be managed and manipulated. Profitability is an intolerable yardstick when it comes to determining our value on this planet. Let’s not fool ourselves any longer: capitalists care little for labour other than the source of their wealth.

Describing our vision of a better world isn’t something to be left to PR and ad agencies. Activists need to be talking about it. World socialism is a brilliant vision of sweeping global change, but there’s much work to be done to translate that vision to make it resonate with our fellow-workers. Despite governments and politicians flawed thinking, the response of ordinary people to the pandemic provided the talking points and openings to portray a different picture of our future. There’s plenty for socialists to say so let’s talk about

What we need now is a new vision and transform this world of ours into a more equal and compassionate social and economic democracy. We don’t have to return to the failed paths of the past. Socialism is the road forward. We must move together to prevail.

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