Tuesday, May 19, 2020

What Did You Get From The War?

 An article on the April issue of Readers Digest asks, ''Why Are Military Families On Food Stamps?'' Data from a 2017 annual Census Bureau survey shows that 16,000 active duty service members received food stamps that year. That number does not include the thousands of military families in the U.S. who are not eligible for food stamps because they make to much money to qualify yet rely on charities or loans from relatives to get by. A survey from Blue Star Families, a miltary-spouse support group, says 13 per cent of military families have trouble making ends meet. Obviously fighting for the interests of the capitalist class doesn't pay much. This writer lived in the U.K. in the fifties and frequently heard from those who fought in WW2 that all they got at the demob. centers were a suit, 10 pounds and a handshake. Some even returned their medals to the War Office. So much for the gratitude of the capitalist class, not that any display of gratitude would justify fighting to secure them markets and raw materials.

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