Sunday, May 31, 2020

Poly-Tick Parasites

Many workers are disgusted by the antics of the Trump/Boris Johnson mob, which stands for capitalism in its naked form. The wealth producers are legally robbed so that the rich can become richer. Everything is second to profit. They are running the profit system the only way it can be run: produce more and more profits for the parasitical minority who own and control the resources of society, and to hell with the rest of us! 

When politicians display such open contempt towards working people, a lot of workers start to look for something new and different, the so-called moderate centre such as Keir Starmer or Joe Biden for a capitalist Utopia and who are currently falling over themselves to prove that they are a 'responsible' government-in-waiting, with their 'moderate' policies for squeezing more profits out of the wage slaves. They do not claim to stand for a different social system. They claim they will run capitalism better. For as long as capitalism has existed and thrown up its countless problems there have been dreamers around who have wanted to keep capitalism and reform its problems out of existence. The reformist dream is an appealing one to workers who do not yet understand the nature of the system they are living under. Faced with the callous rule of the Trump or Johnson elite it must be comforting to imagine that all we need is the Democratic Party or the Labour Party and life will be better. Why waste time dreaming. No amount of tinkering with the system will ever make capitalism a comfortable dignified and secure system for workers to live under. The reformists will always fail.

There is a new way of organising society that we need. That new way is socialism. In a socialist society the resources of the world will belong to all the inhabitants of the world, not to an owning or controlling minority. There will be no classes — no workers and capitalists: we will all work according to our abilities for the common good. We will take according to our needs. Production will not be for sale and profit. The market, will exist no more. Goods and services will be produced solely for use. This socialist alternative has nothing to do with plans for state control or small, co-operative business enterprises. Socialism is not about the state managing the profit system, but about doing away with profits, the state and all of the other features of a non-co-operative, money-mad society.

Capitalism still is and will continue to be motivated by the necessity of protection against the organized workers. The Socialist Party does not want to lead or govern anyone. Our sole purpose is to educate, agitate and organise for socialism. The change from capitalism to socialism cannot be brought about by us — or anyone else — acting on behalf of the working class. The workers must bring about socialism as a conscious, democratic majority. The workers can depend upon no one except those of their own class. The next step toward the solution of their problems must be the election of candidates to political office – local, regional and national – from the workers’ own ranks by the workers’ own political party, the Socialist Party.

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