Saturday, August 07, 2021

Social Revolution and Socialism


We’re fighting an information war. Arm yourself with knowledge to be free. The Socialist Party came into existence in 1904. Since that time the Socialist Party has expanded and has become firmly established. The principles upon which it was founded, and has consistently adhered to, have won it the recognition of being the only genuine socialist party in Great Britain.

The Labour Party and the other left-wing organisations are parties of social reformism. Their election platforms are made up of capitalistic reforms, calculated to catch the votes of the petty bourgeoisie and the capitalistic-minded workers. Although they claim to have for their object the ultimate establishment of a new social order, their immediate aim is reforming the present social system. Their appeals are mainly made to those workers who desire to improve their lot within the confines of the capitalist system.

The Socialist Party is not a reform party. Its purpose is the abolition of the present social order, the ending of the exploitation of workers by a parasitic class. It appeals for the support of the workers as propertyless wage slaves. It points to the necessity for the conquest of political power from the capitalists and the reorganisation of society upon a class-free basis. The Socialist Party has pursued the policy of reaching as large numbers as possible with a sound education of socialist principles.

The economic principles, or laws, as laid out by  Marx, furnish the workers with the requisite knowledge to fight effectively. In a capitalist society, that which the worker sells — labour-power — his or her physical and mental skill, takes on the character of a commodity. Certain economic laws govern the capitalist system, which is a commodity-producing one. A knowledge of those laws is imperative if the workers are going to participate in the struggles against their exploitersA knowledge of history is useful to the worker. The mode of interpreting history, as taught by the Socialist Party, the materialistic conception, the Marxian mode, clarifies historical research. It is only through studying history from an economic and class viewpoint that the real facts reveal themselves.

The State upholds the power of the owning class, the capitalists, and represses (when necessary) the producing class, the workers when they resist the rule and robbery of their masters. The State, or government, is the real organized force that confronts the masses of the people, the exploited.

The internationalism of socialism is much more than the globalisation we hear so much of in the present day. There are many forms of internationalism such as world trade agreements. Ours will the harmony of humanity towards which all mankind should strive, developing solidarity and mutual aid, ending borders, recognizing our shared fate and committing ourselves to work together for the common good.

Global warming is accelerating, bringing the world close to the edge of the abyss.  Record-breaking extreme weather events caused by a climate catastrophe are happening with a regular frequency that, until recently, even the pessimistic climatologists believed were still two or three decades away in the future.  

It appears that the world is losing the battle against global warming.  We are in deep trouble and it is time to panic. Irreversible tipping points are ominously closer than the experts thought. Is it conceivable to what we are already experiencing will shock and awaken people to a recognition of the horrors that capitalism is creating?  Is what we are seeing happening right before our eyes going to trigger people to take the logical course of action and jettison the capitalist economic system. Perhaps there is a clue in how the politicians responded to the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic. Too little, too late. Preventative measures were politically inexpedient and effective actions were backed away from. Scientific advice was either rejected or twisted. There will no doubt be similar denialism regards the worsening environmental destruction. Responsibility will be shifted and a better world rejected. It is overlooked that it is the small, very affluent minority, most of them in the rich countries, who are overwhelming the culprits in the criminal environmental crisis. They divert the blame onto the lifestyles of the rest of us.

Men and women, as free equals, must work together to achieve our goal: the abolition of wage slavery and thus prepare the ground on which better and happier humanity can and will grow. In the socialist social system, the production and education of healthy and capable people will take precedence over the production of dead goods. 

War is not due to the arbitrary actions of certain sociopath personalities nor the racial hatred of the peoples, but rather due to world economic, i.e. world capitalist profit needs. Class-conscious working people fight capitalism as the mortal enemy of the socialist liberation of the working class.

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