Sunday, August 01, 2021

Socialism for sanity



Socialism is not only desirable, it is also possible practical. Socialism is desirable because only Socialism can put an end to the exploitation of man by man and of women by men. Because only socialism can put an end to the struggle for the re-division of the world, for national possessions, which takes place between the different continents, nations and peoples. Only socialism can put an end to war and poverty and the innumerable injustices which are an everyday feature of our lives. Capitalist society has made science an instrument of slaughter. Weapons of war, machines of destruction is invented with powers that exceed all imagination. It threatens to destroy all humanity.

Present-day society is based on mistaken and blind individualism, where we have a small class of owners who have in their possession all the means of happiness but who are incapable of spreading it because they pass their lives fearful their privileges, are threatened. Modern technology has created all the conditions of well-being and even of luxury. If applied to increase the things of life, our society would become a heaven on Earth. Through the absurd system in which we live, we find ourselves existing in a veritable hell. Mankind, instead of co-operating in the building of a common habitable planet, finds itself divided in a war of each against all. We, the immense majority of the producing class, the workers are condemned to menial work which undermines our health The life of the worker is often half that of the rich.

This society is pervaded by internecine struggles between different classes, peoples, nations and individuals. Such a society is always in an unstable state of disequilibrium. The result is a useless waste of individual and social strengths.  Socialism ends the cause of these rivalries and antagonism, the monopoly ownership and control of the means of production, and, instead, form a new society based on the principles of human solidarity and reciprocity, and economic soundness. It will put an end to all waste and all unproductive work. It will abolish the antagonism of interests and reduce authority to a minimum, making it function not in the interests of a class but in the interests of society as a whole. Socialism consists of the rationalisation of production, of all our activities and our very lives themselves. And that, not in the interests of some, but for the benefit of all.

Socialism is from every point of view desirable. Socialism is possible now. It is possible because it corresponds to the interests of all; because it satisfies the desire for well being, and the common interest of the immense majority in all countries. Socialism is possible because men and women are more and more brought into close co-operation in pooling their efforts. All sorts of associations and organisations, political, intellectual and moral, are accustoming humanity to regulate its work and life. Socialism is possible because the forces of production, thanks to technological development have reached previously unheard of heights and progress. Automation and robotics only need to be put in action for the benefit of everyone in order that all members of society may be assured of complete well-being. Socialism every day becomes more possible through the social education of the working class, organised as it is in political parties, trade unions, and co-operatives. Rational organisation of production becomes more urgent as a consciousness of solidarity develops among the producers.  An army of organised and connected producers can take over control of production. Everything stands ready to be placed in the hands of the workers. Social evolution leads to socialism.

We are practical men and women, not Utopian dreamers,  but visionary in our goal, yes, we concede that. We want to change society to ensure happiness for all and to offer everyone equality.

Human behaviour does change. Everything changes in Nature and in life. Everything is in a process of transformation. Movement is the universal law of everything that exists. That is the conclusion all science of our era comes: to the science of astronomy, the natural and biological sciences, social and historical science, all. Everything evolves. Everything is constantly being modified. Even the ancient philosophers said. “Everything changes. It is impossible to bathe twice in the same stream.” We never meet the same man twice because during the interval he has grown older, his constitution and his character changed; he is no longer the same. The human species also has evolved. The planets themselves, the sun, the moon, the stars have not always been what they are today. Our earth has undergone an innumerable number of geological revolutions. Human history is a record of perpetual change. If everything changes, is subject to transformation and modification, how is it possible to believe for a moment that the present system of property will always remain the same? That would be, indeed, contrary to nature. Look around you and compare what you see with what existed at other times. The earth is covered with railways. Floating palaces cruise around the oceans. Mankind has conquered the air and is as at home in it as is on earth. We fly from one continent to another. The internet carries the news in seconds from one end of the world to the other. We can carry on conversations with friends and family using social media a thousand miles away. Everything in our lives has changed. And yet they want us to preserve and maintain society in its old barbaric state of struggle and poverty.

In face of the overwhelming array of facts, that there is no reason whatsoever to despair of human progress. What appears to us impossible today is done tomorrow. Today’s dream is tomorrow’s reality. Slavery was replaced by semi-slavery the serfdom and wage slavery will give way to socialism which is the end of the exploitation of man by man and slavery in all its forms.

Socialist society puts the land, the natural resources and machinery at the service of all who work the land and in the factories will guarantee real liberty to all. Because then, men and women will be masters of themselves.  Workers of the various countries will no longer have any necessity to destroy one another. The state-machine will disappear together with the parasitic class whose privileges it safeguards. The producers will have free access to the fruits of their labour has worked producing the necessities of life We will be free to spend our time at leisure. All the natural wealth freed from the control of the property owners, all the inexhaustible riches of science and human art will be at our disposal. The only care of society will he how to increase the necessity and pleasures of life, to perfect the instruments of labour in order to create for the citizen a proper amount of ease and leisure; Freedom will then cease to be a slogan and will become a reality, an everyday fact the property of all. Work well regulated and apportioned will become attractive. It will become a joy and a pleasure.  Science makes humanity free and happy by reducing to a minimum its dependence on the exploitative rape of nature. Humanity must choose between the continuation of the capitalist system which leads to destruction and the organised revolution of international labour founded on the basis of solidarity and reciprocity through the socialisation of the forces of production. Socialism can make the world one country, single and indivisible. Socialism stands for the end of the war and poverty. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome in a society that is based on labour and not on profit. The future alone can tell what will be the precise forms and special methods of organisation. As we approach the socialist reality we will be able to foresee the general plan and the decisive direction.


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