Friday, August 06, 2021

Their agenda or ours

"For most of my adult life I’ve railed against “corporate capitalism”, “consumer capitalism” and “crony capitalism”. It took me a long time to see that the problem is not the adjective but the noun."
 - George Monbiot

Only with world socialism, a society without borders will human beings be able to deal with the damage that has been done to the planet by capitalism. The heart of the matter is that capitalism does not produce things to satisfy human needs. It produces “commodities” to be sold in order to make a profit for the capitalists. It is an eternal infernal cycle of endless growth for the accumulation of capital. No matter how many people change their lifestyle and declare consumer boycotts there is no way forward to a sustainable steady-state system without first getting rid of capitalism and that will happen the working people end wage slavery, organising production communally to directly provide for human needs. Private property will disappear and money made redundant.

Capitalism gives us waste production for the pursuit of profit at all costs, no matter the social price paid, and today we all experience the consequences. we have to get rid of capitalism, abolish national frontiers and create a system of world governance that starts from people’s real needs and not the quick fix of some immediate palliative reforms enacted by corporate-friendly governments. It’s time to abolish the long-expired system of world capitalism. Of all the numerous capitalist projects which claim to be a solution, none of them has worked. We must overthrow the very law that is the basis of capitalism — the law of value. Capitalism does not produce things to satisfy human needs. It produces “commodities”, things that can be sold. Indeed capitalism’s whole history has been about inventing needs which it turns into commodities. If a product can be commodified/monetised then it becomes a priority for the system, but if it fails to meet that criteria, it is ignored and neglected. The only solution is to abandon the law of value. It is the root of the climate problem.

"Our choice comes down to this. Do we stop life to allow capitalism to continue, or stop capitalism to allow life to continue?" - George Monbiot

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