Sunday, August 29, 2021

Socialism is the Power


Why have we suffered for so long for so little? We working people hold great power in our hands, a power awesome to behold. The power of the working class is the power of production. Nothing is produced that we have not made, nothing is transported that we do not transport, nothing is serviced that we do not service, nothing is maintained that we do not maintain, no one eats and no one lives without the work of someone. Though the privileged ones seeks to divide us, we have a common bond, the working class is all of the people who do the useful work in society. And though the privileged class looks down upon us as inferiors, the great truth of existence is that they cannot live without us. Our society could continue without the politicians and the rich bosses. For they are only parasites feeding upon the blood of the many. But if you were to remove those who do the real work the wheels of industry would grind to a halt. 

The creative power that lies within the hands of all working people is not yet used for our own benefit. We allow the  parasites to babble of lies. We allow their media and fabricated culture to numb our thinking. But if were to cast off the ideas of our deceivers and use our power for the well-being of all, the wrongs we endure would cease. Our power could put an end to the poverty of all working people, for we could ensure production be for use, not profit. Our power could make all work places safe and healthy, for our purpose is to benefit the many and not the few. Our power could end all wars, for we would no longer produce their weapons and would no longer supply their armies, and would no longer fight our sisters and brothers throughout the world. Our power could end all the bigotry and hate that is used to divide us, for the solidarity of our powers is made up of the diverse elements of humanity and that diversity is our strength, not our weakness. Our power can be used to end the environmental abuse of nature, heal the wounds upon the planet and restore the balance of human society with all things upon this world. Our power could build a world based upon the well-being of all.

This is not a daydream or a fantasy, it is the real power we possess, if only we choose to use them for these great purposes. Class struggle may be about better conditions, but it should also be about fulfilling our social responsibilities. No longer should we delegate to others the responsibilities for our world and the people upon it. We are responsible for that which we produce and the effects of that production upon all. We are responsible for the well-being of all as they are responsible to each of us. This responsibility means we must end our allegiance to the masters. our liberation will only come when the organised power of the working class is greater than the organised power of the ruling class. This organisation of our power must not be delegated to be led by any but ourselves. The organisation of working people must not be a rigid dogmatic top to the bottom organisation, but rather a horizontal organisation that bonds together all working people in the spirit of solidarity where there is no head and each worker is its leader. 

Why have we let the greedy few divide and control us using racism, sexism, ageism and other artificial differences? Why have we suffered for so long for so little?

Working people are not some army of ants nor a hive of drones. The working class is a great diversity of people and different ways. Each worker is an individual with their own unique desires and creative abilities. It is within this that we find our true creativeness. Armed with the knowledge of our great power and the strength of our organisation we will be able to remove the parasites from the face of the earth. The fact is we are faced with a well organised and powerful capitalist class and in order to face that organisation and power we need to be better organised. In fact the working class does have greater power than does the capitalist class, we have the power of production and services, but our power needs to be organised so that when the organised power of the working class is greater than the organised power of the capitalist class we will be able to take control of the means of production, that already is in our hands, and produce for the benefit of all rather than for the profit of a few. 

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