Thursday, March 04, 2021

Capitalism — Your Days Are Numbered

The Socialist  Party, unfurling the red banner from the hour of its birth, has no rival. It is the only revolutionary party, the heir of the rich traditions of the past and the herald of the future. 

The Socialist Party shows that today’s society is based on the exploitation of the working class by the capitalist class and that all the evils of this society arise from that. It explains how the working class in abolishing capitalism will put an end to the division of society into classes and bring about a completely new era in human history  a world commonwealth  where mankind as a whole, through it cooperative efforts and conscious planning, can to advance to heights undreamed of in the past. 

The Socialist Party is destined to usher in a new epoch of freedom — freedom from the grind of poverty; freedom from the ownership of government by big business; freedom from the slave-driving of workers by profiteers; and freedom of the men and women from exploitation at the hands of the money kings. This cannot be accomplished by compromising longer with the old parties. The only way in which you can put an end to this profit system which keeps you in poverty, misery, and degradation, and gives all the good things of life to the rich, is to conquer political power for your class. We cannot abolish the capitalist system by seizing the factories without at the same time capturing the political power of the State. A political party cannot reorganise and reconstruct the industrial organisations of the working class, and that that is the task of the economic organisations themselves

The Socialist Party must teaches and agitates exclusively for the overthrown of capitalism, and the establishment of socialism. Let us resolve to break the chains of wage slavery. Let us be clear that the system must be changed. Let us tell our fellow-workers that we will change it by REVOLUTION! That is the only way — there is no otherToo long we have stood the misery the bosses have forced on us. We have not forgotten all the wars, which killed and crippled for life millions of workers and filled the bosses’ pockets with gold! We have not forgotten the employers fake promises! We have not forgotten and we will not forget! We, workers, will no more stand the tyranny of the bosses and of their government. We have had enough.

The capitalist system is based upon the production of commodities for profit — for the profit of a small group who own the means of production, and who do no useful work. This means exploitation, wage-slavery, and misery for the masses who do all the useful and necessary work. The only way out is to introduce a system of society in which production is carried on for use, for the benefit of allThe present government of the United States is a capitalist government upholding the right of a few men to own all the transport and communications networks, shops, factories, mills, mines, land, etc., as their private property. Capitalist governments  protects the rich and assists them to rob the poor and toilers. It is the age-long class war. Look ahead. What are the prospects which confront us if the capitalist slave drivers remain in power? Nothing but new wars, slavery, poverty, starvation, and perpetual oppression.

As Covid-19 spread you are lucky if you’ve still got a job. But how long will it last? You may not have it tomorrow. The bosses are laying off hands by the thousands. They say there isn’t any business. So we can go out there and starve! What do they care? They have plenty to eat. It isn’t THEIR business that we can’t earn enough for a decent living. It isn’t THEIR business that our children have to go to school hungry. They are trying to make bigger profits now. We workers piled up billions for them during the pandemic. They are trying to keep up the record. So they are throwing us into the street and taking us back at their own price. Now the bosses see their chance to break up the unions. They intend forcing lower wages and longer hours on us.

There is only one way that all the suffering caused by capitalism can be finally ended  by wiping out its source, capitalism. And there is only one force in society that can bring this about–the working class, leading and uniting against the capitalists all those who suffer under their rule. This is why the aim of the working class, through all its daily battles against the capitalists, must not only be to win whatever concessions. can be wrung from them today, but to build the strength and unity of the working class and build for the day when it will be able to overthrow the capitalists altogether. Let us proclaim our solidarity with the workers of the entire world.

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