Tuesday, May 04, 2021

A New Vision for the People


Imagine a new world. The Socialist Party is against private property because it derives from violence and from the exploitation of the labour of others We say capitalists regulate production with an eye to their personal profits and not the better to satisfy to the public need. It is necessary to substitute agreement and solidarity for strive and struggle among people, and to achieve this it is necessary first of all to abolish private property. Everything belongs to everybody. Without a change in ownership there would be no great improvement  would not bring any of the social benefits that would arise naturally in a society based on common ownership. Socialism is built upon workers’ common ownership of the means of production. 

The aim of the Socialist Party is to end the capitalist system of society, based on the exploitation of man by man, by means of the revolutionary overthrow of the ruling class of capitalists and to build a socialist society based on common ownership of the means of production, with economic life planned in the interests of the people – a society which will develop material abundance and proceed to the construction of a society based on the principle “to each according to needs”. 

The Socialist Party will help to end the present system of capitalist ownership of the land and the means of producing wealth and substitute in its stead the common ownership and democratic control of these means of production. Socialism strives to build a new economy based on the realisation of egalitarian, inclusive human well-being. Socialism requires democratic control of the economy and it entails not only more equality but also more widespread freedom. It will liberate people from the coercive domination of the boss class. Unless we change the world, the fate of so many vulnerable victims of capitalism around the world will be our fate, too.

Capitalism has its foundations in wage-slavery and there can never be social peace while  the people who work for wages are in bondage and their environment is despoiled. The discontent and unrest among our fellow-workers is widespread to-day yet it is often indefinite in form and does not imply an understanding of the roots of the trouble.

Some actually look to their masters for actual help. A privately owned world can never be a free world and a society based upon warring classes cannot forever. The education of the people, not the few alone, but by everybody. Industrial democracy can be performed only by themselves.

The Socialist Party’s position is that capitalist organisation of industry must be brought to an end where there will be no private profit. Under capitalism we have known only joyless drudgery. With socialism, we shall decide for ourselves how the supply of the  necessary goods and services is to be carried out, how long it is necessary to work and so on. People are entitled to receive by whatever methods deemed convenient what they requires from the common store. We shall carry through this revolution; but we shall have to do it together. It is not a job for a few. A few could not conquer the masters, and a few could not work a socialist system of industry. Rather than provide healthcare, housing and food security capitalism commodified basic needs. It has created economic precarity around the world.

We want the emancipation of the people, their intellectual, economic, social and political emancipation. Fellow-workers, count on no other than ourselves. We, wage-slaves as we are, have to emancipate ourselves. It can be done. It must be done. It shall be done. The Socialist Party is the growing expression of the revolutionary purpose of the workers. Our vision is one of a free world, without poverty and its pain. Socialism is merely an extension of political democracy into the economic field. At present, industry is ruled by the owners of  production and distribution, who have literally the power of life and death over us all. Socialism proposes to put industry in control of the people so that they may manage industry in their own way, as seems best to them. Today’s socialists does not pretend to forecast what measures the people will take under popular rule of industry. We only believe in the people, that it will be better and safer for them to manage industry in their interest, than it will be to longer permit the owners of the machine to dominate industry in their private interest is the solution of the problems that have hitherto baffled the ages. We know not what the people will do when they control the means of production, but we believe they will use them for the peoples’ own welfare and with a reasonable degree of planning. They can make it so:


No-one who wants to do productive work can be deprived of the opportunity of doing it, at any time. They can make it possible to banish want from the face of the earth. They can make it possible for every family to have a comfortable home And to be immune from the fear of want for themselves and their children. They can make it possible for every child to have a good education, to be able to see the world. They have been impossible in the past, only because the planet  and its wealth was withheld from the people by our masters.

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