Saturday, May 01, 2021

Remember May Day


As we commemorate May Day, a day when workers of the world celebrate their unity and solidarity, in a few days time, in the Scottish Parliamentary elections, there will be nationalists, some even describing themselves as socialists, calling on a vote to endorse dividing Scottish workers from their brothers and sisters in other parts of this island. Today is the workers festival, a pledge of fraternity and internationalism,  not a day that should be wasted by the workers in begging scraps from the bosses table. 

Our message to Scots, English, Welsh and all other workers is to recognise our mutual interest in fighting the employing class and seek control of the political machinery to establish socialism. Nationalism means merely that workers get new masters instead of the old ones. Capitalism does not change by switching management personnel. Political control may well re-locate but multinationals on Wall St, Shanghai stock-market or the City of London will still maintain their economic stranglehold on any nation.

The task confronting us is not to focus any attention upon  diversionary constitutional arrangements but to build up a real union, one of the working class, organised to put an end to the property system that divides and oppresses us. In today’s capitalism to free ourselves from capitalism we need the world commonwealth of humanity.


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