Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Solutions Come In The Form Of A New Economic System.

Seaton House, Toronto's largest homeless shelter, is unable to cope with the covid crisis, but who can? It has been forced to cut its capacity from 500 to 200, with one person to a bunkbed and six-foot gaps between them. 

In mid-February Toronto Public Health confirmed 27 covid cases among the staff and residents within Seaton House and that tests for the virus were due to being conducted on floors that hadn't been swabbed. 

David Reycraft, the director of Dixon Hall Housing Services, said, ''This housing ecosystem has been neglected for 30-plus years, and all of a sudden now, we're faced with this sort of health crisis; we've got to find solutions, and those solutions come in the form of housing.''

 No, Mr. Reycraft they come in the form of a new economic system, cos' this one sure as hell ain’t working.

S.P.C. Members.

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