Sunday, May 02, 2021

What the Future Holds


"The great appear great to us only because we are on our knees; LET US RISE."

The Socialist Party see that there is a way to the fraternity of all humanity, to the different people’s merging into one, to the end of battles and wars, which so far has stained the path of mankind. It is the reorganisation of our present conditions of production and to organise the association of workers to unload the heavy burden of labour by the wage slaves, and instead make the means of production the common property of the whole society, rather than the present and unfair randomly distribution of wealth with its unavoidable consequences, wealth for a few privileged and misery and poverty for the majority. Our revolution  can have no other goal and no other result than the realisation of socialism. The working class must above all else strive to get the entire political power of the state into its own hands. Political power, however, is for us socialists only a means. The end for which we must use this power is the fundamental transformation of the entire economic relations. All social wealth, the land with all its natural resources  and all factories and must be taken out of the hands of the exploiters and taken into common property of the people and place them under the control of society.

In  socialism the private employer will disappear and  no longer production aims towards the enrichment of one individual, but of delivering to the public at large the means of satisfying all its needs. Accordingly the factories, works and the agricultural enterprises must be reorganised according to a new way of looking at things. Production is to have the aim of securing for everyone a dignified life, plentiful food, a comfortable dwelling and providing all other means of existence. Just as the private ownership of one person by another had to be abolished years ago, so the socialist revolution of our time will have to abolish private ownership of property. All peoples began with  common ownership and with socialism we shall return to a far better form of it, up-rooting all the abominations of class society but cultivating anything worthy in the techniques and knowledge taken over from capitalism. Mankind can resume its upward climb once humanity is rescued from capitalist barbarism.

Socialism is a system of a free people, by the people for the people, solely in the interests of the people. Private ownership, by a class, of the land and instruments of production and distribution is opposed to this vital principle of justice, and is the fundamental basis of all oppression, political and social. Our goal in the Socialist Party is the conversion of the means of production and distribution into the common property of society, to be held and run by a various expressions of democratic control in the interests of the entire community. 

The Socialist Party, stands committed to abolish wage slavery by making common property of all the means of wealth production where all enjoy all the fruits of a liberty that knows no master, when chains of the mind and shackles of the body disappear. It is the political party of the working people and is opposed to all others which are parties of the rich and which work for the continuation of capitalist exploitation and wage-slavery. Our principles express genuine socialism, the system which guarantees the genuine emancipation of the working class. Our Party fights against the rich of the country and against those who are their servants, to overthrow capitalism and build socialism, end the exploitation of man by man and, build a society class-free society as the next stage in human social development. We demand that the land, the instruments of production (machines, factories, etc.), and all the products of labour become the common property of the whole people; and, that all production be organised cooperatively, and be carried on under the direction of the commonwealth; as also the cooperative distribution of the products in accordance with the service rendered, and with the just needs of the individuals. And to realise our demands, we strive by all proper means to gain control of the political power. The Socialist Party recognises the existence of an oppressed class of wage-workers as its fundamental truth, and the emancipation of this oppressed labouring class as its foremost object.

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