Monday, May 17, 2021

It’s Essential Workers Of Low Income Who Get COVID.

Readers of our last month’s report may recall that we said Amazon workers in the Toronto area are afraid to take a sick day in case they get fired. So, it should surprise nobody to learn that over 900 Amazon workers have got COVID since the pandemic began. A survey conducted by the COVID-19 Science Advisory Table for

Ontario, reported that, ''In the areas of the largest concentrations of essential workers, these infections are increasing at more than double the rate of areas with the lowest number of front-line employees.''

 According to Carolina Jimenez, an organizer of the Decent Work and Health Network,'' it could not be any clearer who’s getting COVID. It’s essential workers of low income; the exact same people who don't have paid sick days.''

 Common-sense may dictate that they should have been the first to get the vaccine, but then we live under crapitalism it’s always the little guy who gets shafted.

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